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Report - 19 Feb 2019
News Report 2018: 50 ways to make it better Login Only
The EBU News Report 2018, ‘50 ways to make it better’, highlights practical and concrete solutions and 50 real examples on building engagement and trust in public service journalism. This report is open...
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Position paper - 18 Feb 2019
Joint statement on Platform to Business Regulation 
European businesses welcome agreement on Platform-to-Business Regulation, call for follow up action on platforms' unfair practices.
Tech 3000 series - 07 Feb 2019
EBU Core Metadata Set v.1.9 

This is version 1.9 of EBUCore. It expands the list of elements originally defined in EBU Tech 3293 (version 1.0,  2001). 

Tech 3000 series - 07 Feb 2019
EBU Class Conceptual Model (EBU CCDM) Ver. 2.1 

The EBU Class Conceptual Data Model (EBU CCDM) is an ontology defining a basic set of Classes and properties as a common vocabulary to describe programmes in their different phases of creation from commissioning to delivery.

Technical Reports - 31 Jan 2019
Testing HDR Picture Monitors 

This report summarises a number of key findings from the measurements of first generation HDR-capable video monitors, which were tested in 2018 by a group of EBU Member experts.

Report / Infographic / Slide deck - 28 Jan 2019
PSM Contribution to the European Creative Sector 2019 
A presentation of key figures detailing the huge financial contribution public service media make to the European content industry, including their investment in original productions and promotion of European content compared to commercial players.
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Report - 23 Jan 2019
Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Members Only
An overview of the TV audience figures for the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.
Position paper - 18 Jan 2019
Joint Letter on Platform to Business Regulation 
EBU co-signs a joint letter from European Innovators, Creative Industries and SMEs to EU Economy Ministers.
Infographic - 15 Jan 2019
The EBU Community in Numbers 
An infographic presenting some key figures about our Members and their services.
Technical Reports - 09 Jan 2019
Why broadcasters need an open, codec-independent workflow for NGA production deployment 

This Technical Report discusses in some depth the issues surrounding the need for codec-independent workflows for NGA production.