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Position paper - 23 Mar 2006
Article 82 of the EU Treaty 
EBU comments on the EC Commission^s (DG Competition) discussion paper on the application of Article 82 of the EU Treaty to exclusionary abuses.
Position paper - 20 Mar 2006
Collective licensing of cross-border music services 
Reaction to European Commission Recommendation on collective cross-border management of copyright and related rights for legitimate online music services.
BPN - 27 Feb 2006
HD Ready - Making programmes in HD Restricted

Project Group P/HDTP has assembled information about the costs of HDTV programme production in Europe. Calculations are complex because of the range of circumstances involved, but still general conclusions are drawn.

Test material - 27 Feb 2006
Demanding multi-genre material mastered in 3840x2160p/50 
Demanding, but not unduly so, multi-genre TV-program mastered in 3840x2160p/50 by SVT. Shot on 65 mm film in 50 fps. Copies available in 1080p/50, 1080i/25, 720p/50 and 576i/25. About 6 minutes and 14...
Recommendations - 27 Feb 2006
Use of high level digital audio material in the production chain 
CDs and DVDs are authored such that their audio levels are maintained close to full scale. EBU R 117 suggests a strategy to ingest such material into a production environment adhering to prescribed programme...
Tech 3000 series - 27 Feb 2006
Monitoring of Access Services 

This document is a concise guide to help implement or improve the monitoring of Access Services.

Tech 3000 series - 27 Feb 2006
Digital Terrestrial HDTV Broadcasting in Europe 

This document discusses the requirements for initiating a Digital Terrestrial HDTV service in Europe.

Position paper - 31 Jan 2006
Revision of the Telecommunications Package 
EBU contribution on the Revision of the Telecommunications Package.
Tech 3000 series - 30 Jan 2006
Free to Air Television and other PVR Challenges in Europe 
What is the impact of the PVR on the way audiences consume media? What metadata standards should be used? This report includes recommendations for running a PVR service in a free-to-air market.
Tech 3000 series - 30 Jan 2006
EBU Guidelines for Multichannel Audio in DVB 

This document presents the EBU Guidelines for Multichannel Audio transmissions in Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB). These guidelines are intended for both broadcasters and manufacturers of STBs and ICs.

Position paper - 17 Jan 2006
i2010 Digital Libraries 
Initial EBU comments on the Commission staff working document, annexe to the Communication from the Commission on "i2010 Digital Libraries".