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Tech 3000 series - 15 Jul 2014
Functional Requirements for Integrated News Room Systems 

The document provides a set of fundamental high level recommendations for integrated newsroom systems that are backed up by detailed technical information.

Fact Sheets - 11 Jul 2014
Spectrum Myths Debunked 

This fact sheet debunks three main myths behind the spectrum debate. It describes why the spectrum debate is an important one with widespread impact for public service media.

Factsheet - 10 Jul 2014
Spectrum Fact Sheet 
Learn what spectrum, or radio spectrum, is, the myths and facts surrounding the European debate, and how upcoming decisions could drastically change the way 250 million Europeans watch TV.
Technical Reports - 07 Jul 2014
Available Options for the Distribution of Broadcast Services 

Broadcasters produce a wide range of content and services as traditional linear radio and TV but also as time-shifted, on-demand, hybrid content and data services. This study assessing the distribution options available to broadcasters now and for the future.

Tech-i magazine - 25 Jun 2014
News for Newsrooms? 

Issue 20 of tech-i includes news on newsrooms, addresses the question if FTA TV is dead, takes a look at MPEG MMT, provides a profile of the new EBU TC chairman Egon Verharen (NPO) and features two articles explaining what UHDTV will offer. And there is more...

Study - 20 Jun 2014
For Whom, For What Would You Give Your Life Today 
Twenty years ago, we asked our listeners to look into their memories and attic chests so we could reenact the feeling of daily life back in 1914/1918. The result was “Paroles de Poilus” (Infantry Poilus...
Tech 3000 series - 18 Jun 2014
Media Storage Demands 

The mantra of this document is “good enough storage solutions at reasonable costs”. The document discusses "good enough storage" in the context of broadcasting and provides understanding about the differences between prices and costs.

Activity Report - 16 Jun 2014
EBU Annual Report 2013-2014 
In the past 12 months, a great deal has changed across Europe’s public service media (PSM) landscape: greater pressure on revenues, rising global competition and the challenges of serving an increasingly...
Recommendations - 03 Jun 2014
Loudness normalisation and permitted maximum level of audio signals 

Recommendation to use an average programme loudness of -23 LUFS and the 'Loudness Range' and 'Maximum True Peak Level' descriptors. Version 3.0 (June 2014).

Fact Sheets - 28 May 2014
LED Lighting Interference - Good Installation Practice 

LED lighting is energy efficient but incorrect installation can lead to interference to AM, FM and DAB radio reception. Recommendations for professional installers and guidance for the public is given in this fact sheet.

Report - 20 May 2014
Connecting to a Networked Society - Vision2020 Full Report 
Version Française How should we respond to fundamental and on-going changes in audience behaviour, technologies, media markets and societies – challenges faced by every member of the EBU community? To...
Presentation - 10 Apr 2014
The Gateway to Europe’s Public Service Media 
The EBU is the world’s foremost alliance of public service media (PSM) with Members in 56 countries in Europe and beyond. Its mission is to safeguard the role of PSM and to promote their indispensable...
Guide - 02 Apr 2014
EBU Copyright Guide 
The EBU Legal Department has published a practical toolkit for editors and programme makers working for public service broadcasters, with the aim of increasing awareness of all the rights and obligations...
Position paper - 05 Mar 2014
EBU Reply to the EU Consultation on the review of the copyright acquis 
The EBU's submission to the EU Consultation on the review of the copyright acquis calls for the improvement of the licensing process for multi-platform and cross-border use. The reply elaborates in detail...
Tech-i magazine - 03 Mar 2014
EBU tech-i magazine 

Issue 19 of tech-i includes articles on Mobile Journalism at RTÉ in Ireland, a new free cooling system at RTP in Portugal, and the outsourcing of content streaming at DR in Denmark. There are also updates on the Joint Task Force on Networked Production, and more...

Study - 28 Feb 2014
Public Service Media and Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights 
The sudden decision by the Greek government in June 2013 to close down ERT S.A., the public service broadcaster in Greece and a founding Member of the EBU, prompted the EBU to examine in more detail the...
Guide - 21 Feb 2014
EBU Principles for election coverage in new and developing democracies 
The EBU Legal Department, in close collaboration with Member Relations, has produced its first EBU Legal Focus. Based on the EBU's Public Service Media Values and related Editorial Principles, these EBU...
Report - 20 Feb 2014
Connecting to a Networked Society - Vision2020 Executive Summary 
Version Française How should we respond to fundamental and on-going changes in audience behaviour, technologies, media markets and societies – challenges faced by every member of the EBU community? To...
Activity Report - 10 Jan 2014
News Assembly Report 2013 Members Only
Making the News Exchange and its community stronger In the year since the News Assembly last met in Barcelona, the News Committee has been working on behalf of the News Assembly on numerous projects, aimed...