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Technical Reports - 06 Apr 2017
Opportunities & challenges for PSM in VR, AR & MR 

This report introduces Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality as they might be embraced by Public Service Media.

Tech 3000 series - 05 Apr 2017
Method for the Assessment of the colorimetric properties of Luminaires 
The use of (e.g.) LEDs both in TV and film production may introduce colorimetric problems. The document describes the measurement procedure for assessing the colorimetric quality of lighting; it improves upon the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) for use in TV production.
Guide - 05 Apr 2017
Media Technology Pulse 
EBU Technology & Innovation's Media Technology Pulse aims to offer EBU Members’ senior non-technical and technical management brief insights into the major technological trends in broadcasting and related technologies in 2017.
Guide - 05 Apr 2017
Media Technology Pulse Summary 
The Most Critical Technology Issues for EBU Members
04 Apr 2017
Your guide to EBU services 
As a Member, you are part of a unique community of media organizations from 56 countries that together provide a powerful voice championing and upholding the values of PSM.
Report - 04 Apr 2017
Staffing of Public Service Media 2017 Members Only
This report, published for the first time, provides key data on PSM personnel, highlighting the importance of PSM organizations as employers and providing statistics relating to gender, age and contract types of PSM employees. The analysis also includes competitive benchmarking with European commercial media groups and US Internet giants.
Technical Reports - 30 Mar 2017
Subjective evaluation of HLG for HDR and SDR distribution 

This reports the tests, methodologies, results and the conclusions drawn from subjective assessments of UHD TV, including HDR contents as displayed by both HDR and SDR panels.

BPN - 27 Mar 2017
Service requirements for 3GPP-based TV distribution use cases Restricted

This document identifies a set of service requirements for representative use cases concerning 3GPP-based television distribution.

Tech-i magazine - 21 Mar 2017
Norway's Digital Radio Odyssey 

The March 2017 issue of tech-i includes FM switch-off in Norway, the launch of the EBU Multi-CDN pilot and the PEACH personalization project.

Position paper - 15 Mar 2017
EBU amendments on the European Commission proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the European Electronic Communications Code 
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU)1 welcomes the publication of the Commission proposal for a Directive establishing the European Electronic Communications Code2 as a good basis for the development of a modern and future-proof EU regulatory framework.
BPN - 08 Mar 2017
Summary of studies considering LTE eMBMS & LTE-B for broadcasting Restricted

This report summarizes studies published over the last three years (2014 - 2016) on the possibility of delivering terrestrial television using LTE eMBMS instead of DTT.

BPN - 08 Mar 2017
Opportunities & Challenges for PSM in VR, AR & MR Restricted

This document  is now republished as EBU TR 039, which is available for download on this website.

Fact Sheets - 06 Mar 2017
PPDR in adjacent bands to DTT 

PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief) equipment manufacturers and users want to use part of the 700 MHz band to deploy dedicated PPDR networks in order to benefit from the LTE technology developed in the same band.

23 Feb 2017
Big Data Initiative Report: Time to Invest Members Only
A review of the inaugural year of the EBU Big Data Initiative featuring recommendations for the future development of big data strategies by EBU Members
Report - 22 Feb 2017
Peer-to-peer review on PSM values: TVR Members Only
The following report assesses the management practices and content quality of TVR – Televiziunea Română, the Romanian national free-to-air public media service company – according to the public service...
Other - 24 Jan 2017
EBU Key Performance Indicators 2017 Members Only
The EBU’s annual performance is measured against a set of KPIs that monitor organizational performance against our balanced scorecard.
18 Jan 2017
EBU position - EU Regulation on Broadcasters Online Transmissions 
Why the European Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation on broadcasters’ online transmissions and retransmissions (broadcasting regulation) should be supported.
BPN - 13 Jan 2017
Supplemental Downlink In The UHF Band Restricted

This is an EBU analysis of proposals that could allow Supplemental Downlink (SDL) in the UHF Band (470 – 694 MHz).