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BPN - 23 Apr 2010
Report on Clearing Ch. 61 - 69 for Mobile Services Restricted

From 17 June 2015, the Mobile Service will have a co-primary status with the Broadcasting Service in the 790 - 862 MHz sub-band. This is a status report on those European countries that will allow an earlier introduction of mobile services in this sub-band.

Tech 3000 series - 31 Mar 2010
EBU Evaluations of MCA Codecs 

There is an increasing demand for surround sound in broadcast, downloaded and streamed material. Bandwidth restrictions result in the need for audio coding at lower bit-rates. The D/MAE group has assessed various multichannel audio systems. This Phase 3 report compares cascaded MCA codecs.

Technical Reports - 31 Mar 2010
HDTV Contribution Codecs 

MPEG-2 has long been the reference compression system for broadcast applications. JPEG2000 and H.264/AVC are emerging in contribution systems. This report describes tests performed on these systems and gives guidance on their performance.

BPN - 30 Mar 2010
Future Prospects for Radio Broadcasting Restricted

Radio broadcasting has existed on AM and FM networks for many decades. Digitization of broadcasting and the impressive development of the Internet may fundamentally change radio broadcasting. This report provides an overview of the strategic decisions to be taken by broadcasters concerning the future of radio.

Tech-i magazine - 16 Mar 2010
Solving the Loudness Puzzle 

This is the third issue of tech-i, the EBU TECHNICAL department quarterly magazine which include the following articles such as: the New EBU Technical structure, loudness awareness, eco displays, tapeless environments, CES report, HIPs, seminar news & diary.

Position paper - 01 Mar 2010
EBU Copyright White Paper 
Modern copyright for digital media: Legal analysis and EBU proposals
Technical Reports - 15 Feb 2010
Information paper on HDTV Formats 

This Technical Report discusses the issues of HDTV image formats from a technical and objective point of view, debunking the popular first impression that a higher number (1080 > 720) systematically infers a better quality.

Tech 3000 series - 29 Jan 2010
TS-DF algorithm to measure Network Jitter on RTP Streams 

The TS-DF algorithm can be used as a tool to measure IP network jitter and its cumulative effect for video and audio streaming. This algorithm is suitable for use with MPEG-TS over IP, voice over IP, and uncompressed video (e.g. SDI) over IP.

Tech 3000 series - 22 Jan 2010
High Definition (HD) Image Formats for Television Production 

This document defines the basic image formats and digital sampling systems for High Definition (HD) television production applications in the European (EBU) 50 Hz environment.

Position paper - 05 Jan 2010
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EBU comments to the Commission's Reflection Document of October 2009