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Recommendations - 30 Dec 1996
Technical parameters in high-quality audio production systems 

Recommendation on the parameters to be used in high quality digital audio production. This document references EBU Rec. R86, EBU Rec. R83,  EBU Tech. 3250 supplement 1 and EBU Statement D45.

Recommendations - 30 Dec 1996
Use of ghost cancellation reference (GCR) signals 
Recommendation concerning the adoption of echo cancellation signals defined in ITU-R Rec. BT.1124 (also ETSI ETS 300732) for the improvement of the reception of PAL and SECAM signals
Recommendations - 30 Dec 1996
Remote-control interface for programme production equipment 
Recommendation for the use of the ESbus remote control protocol; equipment that can be so controlled is specified in EBU Tech 3245 and its supplements
Recommendations - 30 Dec 1996
Changes to terrestrial television in Central and East European Countries 

This document records the situation regarding the TV emmisssion system of all EBU members from Central and East European countries in February 1996.

Recommendations - 30 Dec 1996
Compression in Television Programme Production 
Tech 3000 series - 30 Dec 1996
Digital 625-line components measurements (4:2:2 & 4:4:4 levels) 

This is a guide to the assessment of technical performance in TV studios that are designed on the basis of digital component technology.

Reference text - 11 Sep 1996
Independence of public service broadcasting 
Recommendation R(96)10 on the guarantee of the independence of public service broadcasting