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Fact Sheets - 26 Oct 2017
Relevance of FTA distribution for PSM 

Many countries ensure that high quality media content is available to all citizens. This public policy objective includes obligations for PSM providers to produce content and services, and make them universally available and free at the point of reception.

Activity Report - 10 Oct 2017
Activity Report 2016-2017: EBU Academy 
This report details the activities and achievements of our EBU Academy services over the last year. Our EBU Academy team is here fo support the EBU's strategy by delivering the most relevant courses for Members' professionals.
Report - 05 Oct 2017
Perfect Storm: The multiple challenges facing public service news and why tackling them is vital for democracy 
Second edition News and current affairs are core to public service media (PSM). Informing all audiences with independent news and helping them to better understand the world is crucial for a democratic...
Tech 3000 series - 03 Oct 2017
FIMS Media SOA Framework V. 1.3.1 

This is EBU Tech 3356, the General Description of version 1.3.1 (Oct. 2017) of the FIMS specification of a vendor-neutral common framework for implementing Interoperable Media Services using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  

Fact Sheets - 02 Oct 2017
PSM Requirements in Distribution 

PSM organisations produce content and services for linear and non-linear distribution. A set of distribution requirements has been defined to ensure the desired availability and technical quality of PSM services across all platforms and on all devices.

Fact Sheets - 29 Sep 2017
Video Monitors 

The advent of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) video naturally leads to consideration of what constitutes a good monitor for use with such signals.

Fact Sheets - 26 Sep 2017
Virtual Reality (VR) 

Virtual Reality is hot in the domain of video games, but what can it bring for public service media?

Recommendations - 15 Sep 2017
Cloud Security for Media Companies 

This recommendation concerns the measures to be taken to secure cloud-based production environments against cyberthreats.

Technical Reports - 15 Sep 2017
Evaluation of IMF for broadcasters 

This report provides the conclusions of work performed in the EBU IMF-TV group with regard to the relevance of the Interoperable Master Format for broadcasters. It includes a basic introduction to IMF.

Tech 3000 series - 14 Sep 2017
User requirements for Video Monitors in Television Production 

Tech 3320 defines the technical characteristics for video broadcast monitors used in a professional TV production environment for evaluation and control of the images being produced.

Report - 01 Sep 2017
Public Service Media and the Power of Drama Members Only
Drama has always been an essential genre for public service media (PSM). However, in recent years drama has proved to be a difficult genre for us in terms of cooperation.
Fact Sheets - 01 Sep 2017
SFN myths and Realities 

Broadcasters are often asked why they do not make greater use of Single Frequency Networks (SFNs). This guide tells you why not all the SFN advantages can be maximized at the same time.

Factsheet - 31 Aug 2017
Telecoms Framework 
The way electronic communications networks and services are regulated at EU level directly impacts the availability and technical quality of media services.
Tech-i magazine - 31 Aug 2017
Radio, but not as we know it 

The September 2017 issue of EBU tech-i magazine includes Swedish Radio's award-winning NXG Radio House project, NRK's use of drones in live production and SWR's Markus Ostertag's view on IP production.

Technical Review - 31 Jul 2017
Cost-benefit analysis of FM, DAB, DAB+ and broadband for radio broadcasters and listeners 

This article analyses distribution and consumption costs of analogue FM radio, digital radio (such as DAB) and internet radio streamed via unicast.

Technical Reports - 20 Jul 2017
Frequency Bands Allocated To Broadcasting 

This gives an overview of the associated regulation and applications of the different frequency bands allocated to broadcasting. Please note this is Version 2.0, dated July 2017.

Report - 20 Jul 2017
Virtual Reality: How are public broadcasters using it? Login Only
This report provides the EBU's perspective on VR. It gives an overview of EBU Members’ experiences and learning curves as they explore the VR sector. It also outlines EBU efforts to help Members succeed in creating high quality, immersive VR experiences.
Recommendations - 06 Jul 2017
Safe areas for 16:9 television production 

This document provides guidelines to safe areas (both graphics and action).

Position paper - 05 Jul 2017
EBU response to the public consultation on the draft BEREC regulatory assessment methodology (BOR (17) 112) 
The EBU welcomes the publication of the draft BEREC regulatory assessment methodology. It provides much needed solid guidance for measurement tools for National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) in charge of effectively and efficiently monitoring and enforcing open Internet provisions included in the EU Telecoms Single Market Regulation.
Position paper - 20 Jun 2017
The importance of protecting whistleblowers 
Three years after the Council of Europe Recommendation on the protection of whistleblowers the debate has now reached the European Union. Public awareness notably benefited from the 2015 LuxLeaks scandal...