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03 Mar 2016
An Introduction To Time-Frequency Slicing 

This report is an introduction to Time-Frequency Slicing (TFS). TFS is a DVB technique that can combine multiple frequency channels into a single wider channel in order to improve the efficiency and robustness of DTT transmissions.

03 Mar 2016
An Introduction To Layered Division Multiplexing Restricted

This Members only report provides an introduction to LDM, which is a technique enabling the simultaneous delivery of two independent broadcasting services in one terrestrial RF channel.

01 Mar 2016
Audiovisual Media Regulation 
The Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) has promoted an open, diverse and vibrant audiovisual media sector in Europe. However this environment is undergoing profound and rapid change: we believe that some measured and proportionate adjustments to existing rules are necessary to ensure that the Directive’s principles and objectives remain relevant and attainable amidst media convergence. Our goal is to ensure that ‘free-to-air’ content of public value remains easily accessed by audiences and continues playing a central role in stimulating the European creative economy and cultural diversity.
08 Feb 2016
PSM in the 21st Century: What value and which values? Login Only
Keynote speech from the EBU Knowledge Exchange 2015 on the topic of PSM Contribution to Society, discussing the various types of value that legitimate PSM, and analysing the challenges PSM managers face to continue delivering relevant value to their multiple stakeholders
04 Feb 2016
Parliamentary Broadcast Services in Europe Login Only
A comparison of parliamentary broadcast services in 40 countries, providing an overview of different platforms and types of programmes, with special regard to the role of PSM
29 Jan 2016
Peer-to-peer Review on PSM Values: RTBF Members Only
The following report assesses the management practices and content quality of RTBF according to the public service values defined by the EBU. RTBF is the fourth EBU Member to undertake the public service values review.
26 Jan 2016

The EBU’s Loudness work has become a resounding international success. Many national broadcasters have adopted it and over 70 product manufacturers are offering tools in support of EBU R 128.

25 Jan 2016
Loudness Parameters for short-form Content 

This supplement to EBU R 128 specifies a special set of loudness parameters for short-form content. This version 2.0 puts emphasis on the permitted Maximum Short-term loudness and does no longer include the use of the Max. Momentary Loudness limit.

25 Jan 2016
'EBU Mode' metering to supplement EBU R 128 loudness normalisation 

In this document the properties of a loudness meter in the so-called ‘EBU Mode’ are introduced and explained in detail. This version 3.0 includes new minimum requirement test signals, clarifications and a new requirement on LRA stability signalling. This set of test signals complements the document.

25 Jan 2016
Loudness range: A measure to supplement EBU R 128 loudness normalisation 

The ‘Loudness Range’ (LRA) measure and the algorithm for its computation is introduced and explained in detail. Loudness Range is supplementary to the main audio Programme Loudness described in EBU R 128. This is version 3.0.

25 Jan 2016
Practical guidelines for EBU R128 (Loudness) 

The document describes how to change audio levelling from peak normalisation to loudness normalisation in accordance with EBU R 128. This version 3.0 is a completely updated version based on 5 years of experiences in the use of loudness normalization.

23 Dec 2015
EBU Reply: Platforms and online intermediaries 
The EBU Reply to the EC consultation on the regulatory environment for platforms, online intermediaries, data and cloud computing and the collaborative economy
22 Dec 2015
Simulation parameters for theoretical LTE eMBMS Network Studies 

This document lists relevant technical parameters to be used for theoretical LTE eMBMS radio access network studies in order to yield comparable results in different investigations from various sources.

08 Dec 2015
WRC-15 results 

The EBU is pleased to report that Region 1, most of Region 3 and South American countries in Region 2 have secured spectrum to facilitate investments that will stabilize Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) well into the 2020s.

07 Dec 2015
EBU Reply: Telecoms framework 
The EBU Reply to the EC consultation on the evaluation and the review of the regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services
04 Dec 2015
Media integration: IMPS key findings from visits to EBU Members 
This document is designed to be a source of understanding and inspiration for broadcast leaders and managers, regardless of the stage of media integration they find themselves in.
04 Dec 2015
Public Service Media Contribution to Society Login Only
The PSM Contribution to Society Project provides tools to help Members identify, assess and communicate the benefits PSM bring to national economies, technical innovation, culture and democracy.
03 Dec 2015
Vision2020: Connect, Grow and Influence 
We are living in the golden age of radio and television. Never before have audiences had access to such a wide range of high-quality information and entertainment programmes. Despite the many new operators,...
02 Dec 2015
Welcome to the LiveIP Project 

EBU tech-i magazine, issue 26 welcomes you to the LiveIP Project, shows the latest on Automated Signing Production, and more...

01 Dec 2015
Public Service Media Remit Database Login Only
The database contains a list of the policy/legal documents that define and describe the remits of public service media in the EBU area. It also provides an overview of the approaching expiration/renewal dates of these documents.