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23 Feb 2017
Big Data Initiative Report: Time to Invest Members Only
A review of the inaugural year of the EBU Big Data Initiative featuring recommendations for the future development of big data strategies by EBU Members
Report - 22 Feb 2017
Peer-to-peer review on PSM values: TVR Members Only
The following report assesses the management practices and content quality of TVR – Televiziunea Română, the Romanian national free-to-air public media service company – according to the public service...
Other - 24 Jan 2017
EBU Key Performance Indicators 2017 Members Only
The EBU’s annual performance is measured against a set of KPIs that monitor organizational performance against our balanced scorecard.
18 Jan 2017
EBU position - EU Regulation on Broadcasters Online Transmissions 
Why the European Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation on broadcasters’ online transmissions and retransmissions (broadcasting regulation) should be supported.
BPN - 13 Jan 2017
Supplemental Downlink In The UHF Band Restricted

This is an EBU analysis of proposals that could allow Supplemental Downlink (SDL) in the UHF Band (470 – 694 MHz).

Other - 07 Dec 2016
Vision2020: Our Strategic Objectives 2017 
This is an executive summary of the EBU’s priorities and objectives for 2017–2018. We have included some information to help you understand our corporate structure and reporting lines, along with a brief...
Report - 07 Dec 2016
PSM Contribution to Society: 2016 report Members Only
The 2016 edition of the PSM Contribution to Society report is the result of the collaborative work done by the EBU's Media Intelligence Service (MIS) and the EBU Members. It includes a summary of the activities carried out, C2S initiatives by EBU Members, guidelines on project implementation, and details on how to measure PSM's economic impact.
Tech-i magazine - 06 Dec 2016
Challenges of Next Generation Audio 

The December 2016 issue of tech-looks at Next Generation Audio, the promise of 5G networks, the new .radio TLD and much more.

Activity Report - 27 Nov 2016
Activity Report 2015-2016: News Members Only
The events of this past year, which included an increasingly complex refugee crisis, horrific terrorist attacks shattering the feeling of security in Europe, and the outcome of the Brexit referendum bringing...
Position paper - 21 Nov 2016
EBU reply - 2016 Annual Colloquium on fundamental rights Public consultation on Media Pluralism and Democracy 
Media freedom and pluralism are essential safeguards of well-functioning democracies. Freedom of expression and media freedom and pluralism are enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and they...
Report - 16 Nov 2016
PSM Governance: Protecting the institutional and editorial independence of PSM 
Independent PSM is the cornerstone of democracy so how can we ensure its independence is protected through strong governance systems.
Report - 16 Nov 2016
Generation What - Young People and Optimism - A Pan-European View 
Engaging with youngsters is a challenge all institutions face today, whether it be politics, education, media or other. An impossible task some say. Therefore the European Broadcasting Union is proud to have brought together 18 Members in 14 countries for the Generation What project which launched in April 2016 and gave a voice to this generation, a generation with a optimistic perspective of the future, as it turns out.
Presentation - 02 Nov 2016
Access Services Pan European Survey 2016 
Overall, EBU Members have increased access services significantly. Public service broadcasters across Europe are aware that access services are an important topic and a distinctive feature in comparison with competitors in most countries. Find out more in this survey.
Test material - 09 Oct 2016
Reference listening level signal 

This signal is provided to help set a correct reference listening level as per EBU Tech 3343 (paragraph 8.2).

Activity Report - 03 Oct 2016
Activity report 2015-2016: Eurovision Academy 
This report details the activities and achievements of the Eurovision Academy services from October 2015 to September 2016
BPN - 16 Sep 2016
Major Features of ATSC 3.0 Restricted

This document briefly gives the main features of the American ATSC 3.0 IP delivery suite of standards that should be finalised in early 2017. 

Tech-i magazine - 06 Sep 2016
Meeting Audience Expectations 

Our latest issue of tech-i 29 takes a closer look at meeting audience expectations, women and technology, big data, cybersecurity, live IP and more!

Recommendations - 02 Sep 2016
Mitigation of Ransomware and Malware Attacks 

This Recommendation sets out a series of steps that should be taken by media companies to mitigate the effects of ransomware and malware attacks on its media assets.

Recommendations - 02 Sep 2016
Cybersecurity Governance for Media Companies 

This Recommendation sets out a set of steps to help avoid cyberattacks on media companies. It describes a typical cybersecurity policy and the roles and their responsibilities therein.

Recommendations - 04 Aug 2016
TV Lighting Consistency Index 2012 & TV Luminaire Matching Factor 2013 

This recommendation aids broadcasters intending to assess new lighting equipment or to re-assess the colorimetric quality of their tv production lighting. This advice is based on the mathematical methods specified in Tech 3355. Version 2.0, August 2016 adds an important note to the recommendation.