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01 Oct 2015
Copyright Licensing 
Public Service Media (PSM) are key contributors to the creative economy and major developers of legal offers of online content. They are devoted to providing citizens with wide access to high quality content on all relevant platforms and devices.
30 Sep 2015
EBU Reply: Audiovisual media services 
The EBU Reply to the EC Consultation on Directive 2010/13/EU on audiovisual media services (AVMSD)
11 Sep 2015
PBI Conference Keynote Speech by Ingrid Deltenre - Munich, 10 September 2015 
Dear Colleagues and PBI Delegates, I am very flattered to have this opportunity to give you some insight into the major developments currently shaping our industry. And if I may, I will also use this moment to share some ideas with you, the renowned media experts in this room, on how best to embrace the changes we all face.
08 Sep 2015
My media, any device! 

EBU tech-i magazine, Issue 25 tells you all about personalisation, why broadcasters should go IP, and how subtitles go live. And that's not all...

01 Sep 2015
Quality Control 

Quality Control has become big business and getting it right has never been more important. This factsheet outlines the work of the EBU Strategic Programme on QC and the EBU.IO/QC tool it created and is currently extending.

01 Sep 2015
Requirements for Networked Device management (NDM) 

This document identifies requirements for the management of networked devices in an IT-based broadcasting infrastructure.

24 Aug 2015
Can LTE share spectrum with DTT? 

This Technology Fact Sheet addresses the question, "Can LTE share spectrum with DTT?"

19 Aug 2015
EBU-MIM Semantic Web Activity Report 

This introduction to Semantic Web technologies provides several broadcast use cases. Its purpose is to raise awareness of Semantic Web technologies and to promote them and their applications in media and broadcasting environments. This is an updated version (Aug. 2015)

19 Aug 2015
Metadata use within the EBU MIM community Restricted

This report reflects thelatest information based on feedback from amongst the EBU MIM community concerning their use of metadata, the metadata specifications used (standards or in-house formats), formats and domains of application. This is the August 2015 revision.

11 Aug 2015
Assessing Transparency: A guide to disclosing information online Login Only
Public service media organizations are becoming more transparent and accountable, and increasingly make efforts to explain their remit, philosophy, objectives and activities. This is mostly reported to parliaments and governments but it can also be communicated directly to citizens.
11 Aug 2015
Transparency Self-Assessment Tool Members Only
A tool for EBU Members to assess their level of transparency according to the information disclosed via the organization's website
31 Jul 2015
Digital Innovation Labs programme: RTVE Lab report 
This report reveals what RTVE Lab has been doing since 2011: innovating with products and formats to find new ways to tell stories for digital immigrants and natives.
29 Jul 2015
Peer-to-peer Review on PSM Values: RTS Members Only
The following report assesses the management practices and content quality of RTS according to the public service values defined by the EBU. RTS is the third EBU Member to undertake the public service values review.
21 Jul 2015
EBU Policy Statement on UHDTV 

This document is intended to guide strategic decisions in regard to UHDTV and future TV services. It is an updated version dated July 2015..

20 Jul 2015
EBU statement on HDTV standards 

An updated statement from the EBU Technical Committee recommending that distribution standards for HDTV be based on progressive scanning.

02 Jul 2015
5G relevance for future distribution of PSM content & services Restricted

This information document, available only to EBU Members, provides information about ongoing 5G developments and the future role of 5G networks in the distribution of PSM content and services. 

23 Jun 2015
EBU Annual Report 2014-2015 
We are proud to present the European Broadcasting Union’s Annual Report 2014–2015. What a year it has been – a watershed in our development with the completion of the flagship Vision2020 project that has...
23 Jun 2015
Mitigation of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks 

This recommendation advises media facilities to implement a series of countermeasure techniques against DDoS; rapidly becoming the most common cyber attack encountered against our industry.

19 Jun 2015
Unidirectional transport of CBR MPEG-2 TS on IP Networks 

Specification of a set of parameters to ensure interoperability between equipment intended for the unidirectional transport of contribution-quality constant bit rate MPEG‑2 Transport Streams over IP networks.

08 Jun 2015
Hybrid is here to stay 

EBU tech-i magazine, Issue 24 explains why Hybrid is here to stay, how HbbTV applicatiins can be discovered over broadband, everything you need to know about Netflix, plus... what's in the sandbox. And there is more!