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Recommendations - 02 Sep 2016
Cybersecurity Governance for Media Companies 

This Recommendation sets out a set of steps to help avoid cyberattacks on media companies. It describes a typical cybersecurity policy and the roles and their responsibilities therein.

Recommendations - 04 Aug 2016
TV Lighting Consistency Index 2012 & TV Luminaire Matching Factor 2013 

This recommendation aids broadcasters intending to assess new lighting equipment or to re-assess the colorimetric quality of their tv production lighting. This advice is based on the mathematical methods specified in Tech 3355. Version 2.0, August 2016 adds an important note to the recommendation.

Tech 3000 series - 25 Jul 2016
Guidelines for distribution and reproduction in accordance with R 128 

The document presents practical guidelines to relevant settings and processing in the signal chain from the studio to consumer equipment. It aims to achieve consistent loudness levels throughout the complete chain from broadcaster to consumer. This is version 2.1, July 2016; editorial changes only (pagination, typos and fonts). 

Position paper - 18 Jul 2016
EBU response to the public consultation on draft BEREC guidelines on implementation of net neutrality rules 
The EBU considers that the role of national regulatory authorities (NRAs) – under consistent guidance by BEREC – is as critical to getting the Regulation to work in practice. NRAs must be highly proactive in relation to Article 5 and other responsibilities, their monitoring and in maintaining dialogue with industry.
Factsheet - 08 Jul 2016
How 5G can enhance public service media's contribution to the digital society 
The broadcasting industry has been an early driver of digital technologies, standards and innovation. For Public Service Media (PSM) in particular, digital innovation underpins universal availability to all members of the society and a crucial contribution to informed citizenship. A well-adapted 5G EU policy and development can support PSM’s role and contribution to the digital society.
Technical Reports - 06 Jul 2016
Video System Requirements for UHDTV and an Advanced 1080p TV Format 

The report discusses video system requirements for UHDTV and an advanced 1080p HDTV format, to help inform broadcasters making decisions on infrastructures and flexible workflows. Today's version corrects a typo and a link.

Position paper - 05 Jul 2016
EBU Reply: ePrivacy 
EBU Reply to the questionnaire for the public consultation on the evaluation and review of the ePrivacy Directive.
Report - 29 Jun 2016
SVoD in Europe Members Only
An in-depth study including market analysis, description of the most prominent players and their catalogues, and insights about consumer behavior. The report also details PSM organizations' positions regarding SVoD and analyses the broader impact of SVoD on the audiovisual value chain.
Report - 23 Jun 2016
PSM Correlations (Public Version) Login Only
A correlational study exploring links between PSM funding and performance and several indicators of societal well-being
Activity Report - 16 Jun 2016
EBU Annual Report 2015-2016 
Welcome to the European Broadcasting Union’s Annual Report for 2015-2016. We believe that public service media (PSM) are an essential component of vibrant, open and democratic societies. This is why the...
14 Jun 2016
Big Data Week - Insights 
This reports covers and sums up the events and main findings of the EBU Big Data Week, which took place from 21 to 25 March in Geneva.
Tech-i magazine - 09 Jun 2016
What’s all the fuss about HbbTV? 

EBU tech-i magazine, Issue 28 answers the question what all the fuss around HbbTV is about, takes a look at the advantages of the IMF and much more...

Recommendations - 06 Jun 2016
Tolerances on "Illegal" colours in television 

Recommendation concerning permissible tolerances of video signals in digital television systems.

Recommendations - 20 May 2016
EBU Position on defining a renderer in Next Generation Audio systems 

This recommendation formalises the EBU's position that  the renderer and codec, including bit stream and associated technical and descriptive metadata be specified and standardized as part of Next Generation Audio systems based on audio-objects. 

Tech 3000 series - 17 May 2016
The Cross Platform Authentication Protocol 

The development of CPA has been transferred to ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), which has published TS 103 407 V1.1.1 (2016-04), based on version 1.0 of this EBU document.

Activity Report - 21 Apr 2016
Programme 22nd Radio & TV Assemblies 
These are challenging times for public service media. For many of us, funding is under pressure. At the same time, major global players are entering our markets and competing – often using their own platforms,...
Recommendations - 18 Apr 2016
Cybersecurity for media vendor systems, software & services 

This Recommendation suggests a set of security safeguards to be applied when planning and designing media systems, software and services.

Report - 08 Apr 2016
PSM Correlations Members Only
A correlational study exploring links between PSM funding and performance and several indicators of societal well-being
Recommendations - 05 Apr 2016
Cybersecurity best practice for connected TVs and services 

This Recommendation suggests a set of practices that should be followed when setting up connected TV services and associated websites to drive consumers' smart televisions.

Test material - 30 Mar 2016
Loudness test set 

This zip file contains 70 audio files, most of which are meant to test loudness equipment for compliance with EBU Tech 3341 and EBU Tech 3342. This v5.0 includes a monophonic noise signal to help set the reference listening level as per EBU Tech 3343.