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Activity Report - 11 Nov 2018
Activity Report 2017-2018: News Members Only
The digital and technological tsunami which surrounds us, has created parallel climates of promise and of peril. Beyond, the innovation and the opportunities which revolutionize our daily lives making...
Report - 09 Nov 2018
News Report 2018: 50 ways to make it better Login Only
The EBU News Report 2018, ‘50 ways to make it better’, highlights practical and concrete solutions and 50 real examples on building engagement and trust in public service journalism. This report is open...
Test material - 01 Nov 2018
2160p/100 HLG Test Sequences 

2160p/100 HLG test material shot 'as live' during the European Championships 2018 in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin (Germany).

Other - 31 Oct 2018
The Technology Pyramid For Media Nodes 

In order to achieve plug-and-play interoperability in ST-2110-based Live IP production infrastructures, a 'Full Stack' of protocols is sought. This slide details the 'Minimum Stack' of protocolls needed to achieve this goal.

Report - 24 Oct 2018
Licence Fee 2018 Members Only
This annual publication provides a comprehensive and international perspective on the topic of licence fee, which remains the main source of funding for public service media organizations and is therefore a crucial issue for most PSM in Europe. The report covers the latest developments across Europe, and provides updated information on licence fee amounts, redistribution of funds, collection systems, basis for collection, exemptions and evasion rates.
Report - 24 Oct 2018
Licence Fee 2018 (Public Version) Login Only
Provides the main findings and a selection of charts and maps from the report Licence Fee 2018
Infographic - 24 Oct 2018
Licence Fee (Infographic) Login Only
Find out why the licence fee is still the most stable, transparent and adaptable way to fund public service media, and how it delivers value for money for European citizens
Tech 3000 series - 16 Oct 2018
ADM Broadcast Production Profile 

This document describes a constrained Broadcast Production subset of the ADM (Audio Definition Model - ITU-R BS.2076).

Factsheet - 16 Oct 2018
Platform to Business Regulation 
The EBU supports the 2018 Commission proposal for a Regulation on platform-to-business practices as a step in the right direction but urges policy-makers to introduce key improvements to ensure the effectiveness of the Regulation.
Report - 10 Oct 2018
Internet & Tech Giants Members Only
Provides key benchmark data and company profiles of 10 internet & tech giants that are increasingly moving into the traditional broadcasters' arena, with the advantage of their global scale.
Technical Reports - 10 Oct 2018
EAR Listening Test Report- Using the MS-IPM method 

This Technical Report describes the results of the listening test to evaluate the performance of renderers using the MS-IPM methodology.

Position paper - 05 Oct 2018
EBU Reply to the EC Consultation on 'Shaping Competition Policy in the Era of Digitization' 
The EBU's submission to the European Commission's consultation puts forward proposals on how competition rules can better respond to challenges arising from digitization. These include taking better account...
Activity Report - 01 Oct 2018
EBU Media Workplan 2018-2019 
This work plan presents an overview of how the efforts of EBU Media to produce relevant services for Members and their audiences will develop in the second half of 2018 and 2019.
Report - 17 Sep 2018
Non-European Media Conglomerates Members Only
Provides key benchmark data and company profiles of ten Non-European media conglomerates which control a significant part of the world media market, and also play a strong and steadily increasing role in European media markets.
Fact Sheets - 11 Sep 2018
Single Sign-on and Personalization 

The EBU is working with its Members to give editorial and digital teams a set of powerful tools to better understand end users, produce and deliver relevant content, measure the impact, and adapt the individual end user’s experience.

Fact Sheets - 11 Sep 2018
Next Generation Audio 

Next Generation Audio (NGA) can deliver features such as immersive sound, multiple languages or flex-time audio in a single, multi-purpose workflow and stream. 

Fact Sheets - 11 Sep 2018

For Public Service Media access services such as subtitling are very important. The formats used for its creation and distribution are evolving and converging around IMSC.

Fact Sheets - 11 Sep 2018
Fully IP-based production 

Public service media are increasingly using generic IT hardware, networks and storage systems to produce their content and preserve their valuable assets.

Fact Sheets - 11 Sep 2018
5G opportunities for broadcasters 

The emerging 5G broadband technology may allow broadcasters to produce their content in a more efficient way and may become a new distribution platform for their services.

Fact Sheets - 11 Sep 2018

The Interoperable Master Format is a SMPTE standard for the interchange of multi-version, finished audio-visual content. How relevant is it for broadcasters?