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Activity Report - 01 Oct 2018
EBU Media Workplan 2018-2019 Members Only
This work plan presents an overview of how the efforts of EBU Media to produce relevant services for Members and their audiences will develop in the second half of 2018 and 2019.
Fact Sheets - 22 Sep 2018
Digital & Hybrid Radio 

The renewed momentum across Europe behind the transition to digital radio providing new possibilities for innovation in the service offering. Alongside this, hybrid enables innovation in the user experience by enhancing broadcast with broadband-delivered services.

Report - 17 Sep 2018
Non-European Media Conglomerates 2018 Members Only
Provides key benchmark data and company profiles of ten Non-European media conglomerates which control a significant part of the world media market, and also play a strong and steadily increasing role in European media markets.
Fact Sheets - 11 Sep 2018
Single Sign-on and Personalization 

The EBU is working with its Members to give editorial and digital teams a set of powerful tools to better understand end users, produce and deliver relevant content, measure the impact, and adapt the individual end user’s experience.

Fact Sheets - 11 Sep 2018

For Public Service Media access services such as subtitling are very important. The formats used for its creation and distribution are evolving and converging around IMSC.

Fact Sheets - 11 Sep 2018
Fully IP-based production 

Public service media are increasingly using generic IT hardware, networks and storage systems to produce their content and preserve their valuable assets.

Fact Sheets - 11 Sep 2018
5G opportunities for broadcasters 

The emerging 5G broadband technology may allow broadcasters to produce their content in a more efficient way and may become a new distribution platform for their services.

Fact Sheets - 11 Sep 2018

The Interoperable Master Format is a SMPTE standard for the interchange of multi-version, finished audio-visual content. How relevant is it for broadcasters?

Fact Sheets - 11 Sep 2018
Quality Control (QC) 

Guaranteeing the quality of media content is vital for our industry. The EBU helps all actors to speak a common Quality Control (QC) language.

Position paper - 10 Sep 2018
Notable Absentee in the EU Research Agenda post-2020 and Why We Need it 
To safeguard the key role media play in the economy and in society, we need to ensure its future sustainability and development in an increasingly global and competitive market place.
Position paper - 10 Sep 2018
Innovation and Creativity in the Audiovisual and Radio Sector 
Convergence is accelerating the media sector’s move towards an innovation-driven industry more than ever. Europe’s strong tradition of investing in innovation and R&D for media and broadcasting is undeniable.
Report - 07 Sep 2018
EBU Survey on Audience Ombudsman Members Only
A synopsis of Members' replies to a short questionnaire on mechanisms in place to process audience complaints or suggestions
Tech-i magazine - 31 Aug 2018
The changing face of broadcast organizations 

While software has been integral to the business of broadcasting for many years, it is only recently that we have seen the culture of software engineering starting to have a greater influence. It's a subject that surfaces in several articles in issue 37 of tech-i.

Technical Reports - 31 Jul 2018
Trials Tests & Projects on '4G/5G Broadcast' by European PSBs 

This Technical Report describes European PSB initiatives regarding the use of 4G & 5G technologies for Broadcast.

Report / Slide deck - 24 Jul 2018
PSM Barometer 2018 Members Only
Presents a snapshot of the performance of public service media organizations across Europe against a selection of key indicators, using data provided by Members via the Media Intelligence Survey 2018.
 Report (Member)  Members Only
 Slide Deck (Member)  Members Only
Activity Report - 28 Jun 2018
EBU Annual Report 2017-2018 
Our new interactive annual report for 2017- 2018 showcases our major achievements in helping Members address the challenges they face head-on,
Report - 19 Jun 2018
PSM Funding Cuts Members Only
This report provides specific analysis from an international perspective of the largest European PSM funding cuts over the past decade.
Activity Report - 13 Jun 2018
Big Data Initiative: Activity Report 2017-18 Login Only
For 2017-18, the Big Data Initiative (BDI) had two goals: addressing operational, industry-led issues and growing our big data community and network.
Tech 3000 series - 08 Jun 2018
Audio Definition Model Ver. 2.0 

The Audio Description metadata Model provides a formalised description of audio content for many types of audio file (e.g. BWF, BW64).

Other - 08 Jun 2018
Media Technology Pulse 

The Media Technology Pulse is a publication from the EBU Technology & Innovation department, highlighting critical media technology trends for EBU Members.