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Strategy Reports - 30 Dec 2006
The PVR and time-shifting Restricted

This EBU SIS report summarizes recent market research on PVR penetration and usage, describes the main business models of current PVR deployment, and presents options for Public Service Broadcasters for adapting to the new technology.

BPN - 30 Dec 2006
Report on Networking in audio production Restricted

This document presents new facts on the development trends of audio technologies and it should serve both as a useful support to companies that have already started with migration to IT and to those who are still hesitating.

Strategy Reports - 30 Dec 2006
DTT in Central and Eastern Europe Restricted
Governments and industry players are moving forward on DTT in Central and Eastern Europe; however, the technology, business plans and evolution of DTT will not exactly follow the Western pattern. This...
Position paper - 14 Dec 2006
Digital Dividend 
EBU comments to the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) draft opinion on EU spectrum policy implications on the digital dividend  
Tech 3000 series - 30 Oct 2006
Specification of Grade-1 (CRT) Colour Picture Monitors 

This is the second edition of Tech 3263 with editorial revisions from 2006. This document deals with CRT monitors. Please also see Tech 3320 and Tech 3325 for flat panel displays.

Position paper - 26 Oct 2006
Relevant Markets 
EBU Contribution to the EC Public Consultation on a draft Recommendation on Relevant Product and Service Markets within the electronic communications sector susceptible to ex ante regulation.
Position paper - 26 Oct 2006
Review of the Telecommunications Package 
EBU Contribution to the EC Public Consultation on the Review of EU Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications Networks and Services
Position paper - 23 Oct 2006
Content Online in the Single Market 
EBU Comments to the EC Commission's public consultation on Content Online in the Single Market.
BPN - 30 Aug 2006
BPMN: Business Process Modelling Notation (A brief tutorial) Restricted

This document provides a brief tutorial on the Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN). It explains the different graphical objects used, so that those not familiar with BPMN can understand a business process diagram.

Technical Review - 30 Jul 2006
Potential threats to radio services from PLT systems 

Power-Line Transmission (PLT) is a means of transmitting data along an existing, ubiquitous infrastructure: mains-electricity wiring. This article tries to explain what the interference threats are and what is or isn't being done about it.

Technical Review - 30 Jul 2006
Holographic data storage — a new solution for the professional market 

Holography has long held promise as a data storage technology with the potential for vast capacity and high data rates. This articles describes how holographic media could provide a long-awaited solution for broadcast archives.

Technical Review - 30 Jul 2006
Multichannel audio — a review of the work of EBU Focus Team B/MCAT 

This article describes the efforts and studies that lay behind the creation of EBU Tech doc. 3311, EBU Guidelines for Multichannel Audio in DVB. This specification was created by the EBU Focus Team B/MCAT (MultiChannel Audio Transmission).

Position paper - 14 Jul 2006
Copyright Levies 
EBU comments on the EC Commission's stakeholder consultation on copyright levies in a converging world.
Position paper - 14 Jul 2006
Multimedia Services 
EBU Comments to the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) draft opinion on the introduction of multimedia services in particular in the frequency bands allocated to the broadcasting services.
BPN - 29 Jun 2006
Subjective Evaluations of some Video Codecs - Phase 3 Restricted

The subjective evaluation of SDTV video codecs necessited an extension to the SAMVIQ methodology. This report contains the evaluation results and commercially unbiased guidance on the codecs' technical suitability.

BPN - 30 May 2006
EBU MXF Implementation tests Restricted

Professional broadcast equipment must comply with the MXF standards for interoperability across manufacturers' implementations. This report assists and assures EBU members that are planning to introduce MXF.

Test material - 30 May 2006
Eurovision Songcontest 2006 opening sequence 
This sequence is a small part from the Eurovision Songcontest 2006 opening sequence. It was produced jointly by EBU and TVN. The camera used was a Sony HDC1500. Formats: 1080p/50, 1080i/25 and 720p/50...
Test material - 30 May 2006
Soccer (2) HDTV test material 

Fast-action outdoor sports footage, shot by EBU and TPC. The camera used was a Sony HDC1500. Material is available in 1080p/50, 1080i/25 and 720p/50.

Tech 3000 series - 29 Apr 2006
Archiving: experiences with telecine transfer of film to digital formats 
Many broadcasters have large film archives and must transfer the film to a digital form to improve its accessibility and rescue the material. This report covers issues associated with digitising film material...
Position paper - 03 Apr 2006
Proposition de directive "services des médias audiovisuels" 
Contribution de l'UER à la première lecture de la proposition de directive.