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Tech-i magazine - 10 Dec 2010
EBU tech-i 006 
This is the sixth issue of tech-i, the EBU TECHNICAL's quarterly magazine which includes the following articles: Viewpoint from L. Vermaele, 3DTV, Interference Issues, Next Generation Handheld, HBB Applications,...
Technical Reports - 01 Dec 2010
3D Briefing Document for Senior Broadcast Management 

The EBU believes that PSBs must take a pragmatic approach to 3D services when making decisions about producing and broadcasting in 3D. This report is to inform senior management about the issues involved with producing, distributing and viewing stereoscopic 3D-TV.

Other - 30 Nov 2010
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class: Material eXchange Format 
30-1.11.2010, EBU Geneva Programme
Recommendations - 17 Nov 2010
Material Exchange Format - Timecode Implementation 

The document defines the placement of source timecode in the MXF header metadata for various OP's, in frame-wrapped and, for EBU recommended essence formats, in clip-wrapped essence containers. Version 2, November 2010 

Viewpoint - 15 Nov 2010
EU spectrum policy 
EBU Viewpoint - Spectrum is crucial for vibrant and innovative terrestrial broadcasting. Digital TV does not require as much spectrum as analogue TV transmission for the same type of services. Public service...
Other - 21 Oct 2010
EBU TRAINING Assembly 2010 : How do Public Service Media Compete 
21-22.10.2010, UAB, Barcelona, Spain Programme
Tech 3000 series - 14 Oct 2010
Requirements for HBB TV Systems & Services 

This document sets out a list of high level technical requirements necessary to standardize an end-to-end Hybrid Broadcast/Broadband environment to the mutual benefit of PSBs and end-users.

Tech 3000 series - 06 Oct 2010
Metadata for the file exchange of advertising material; egtaMETA 

This is version 1.0 of the EBU/egta Metadata Schema for business-to-business file-based exchange of advertising material.

Position paper - 30 Sep 2010
Net Neutrality 
EBU response to the questionnaire for the public consultation on the open Internet and net neutrality in Europe
Position paper - 30 Sep 2010
Combating Piracy 
EBU position on digital piracy
Position paper - 08 Sep 2010
Services of General Economic Interest 
EBU response to the EC questionnaire on the implementation of the SGEI Package
Test material - 23 Aug 2010
Camera Test Software 

A suite of programs, written for colorimetric analysis of single frames extracted from digitally captured video sequences. The programs are all written in BBC BASIC for Windows, and the routines have been kept as simple as possible.

Tech-i magazine - 12 Aug 2010
EBU tech-i 005 
This is the fifth issue of tech-i, the EBU TECHNICAL department quarterly magazine which include the following articles such as: Digital Agenda, PLT Interference, Internet Governance, P2P, DTV4ALL, 1080p/50...
Position paper - 04 Aug 2010
Trade policy 
EBU reply to the public consultation on a future trade policy
Position paper - 29 Jul 2010
Cultural and creative industries 
EBU reply to the Green Paper on "Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries"
Position paper - 02 Jul 2010
Freedom of expression, media independence and democracy 
Following discussions in the General Assembly on how to guarantee and enhance impartial reporting and quality journalism, the 150 delegates adopted a declaration on freedom of expression, media independence...
Technical Reports - 17 Jun 2010
EBU Report on Archives 2010 

TV archives are moving from videotape to file, and are becoming a more integrated part of the production environment. This report addresses the many challenges faced by broadcasters and answers common questions.

Recommendations - 07 Jun 2010
EBU Position on Terrestrial Broadcasting in Europe 

The terrestrial broadcasting platform is the primary means of delivering TV and radio broadcasting services in much of Europe. In this document the importance of terrestrial broadcasting and its unique features are emphasised.

Tech-i magazine - 01 Jun 2010
EBU tech-i 004 
This is the fourth issue of tech-i, the EBU TECHNICAL department quarterly magazine which include the following articles such as: Who is in control of Standards, HBB - the road to change, authoring HBB...
Technical Reports - 28 May 2010
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technologies and Services 

This document summarizes the studies carried out by the EBU D/P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Project Group, which assessed the suitability of grid-based Internet delivery mechanisms to distribute large-scale high-quality audio-visual streams and files to the general public.