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Technical Reports - 21 Dec 2011
EBU Positions on WRC-12 Agenda items related to broadcasting 

This document gives an overview to EBU members on the WRC-12 issues related to the use of spectrum for broadcasting. The document is mainly based on the work of the relevant EBU groups dealing with spectrum matters and the views expressed by the Members.

Other - 13 Dec 2011
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Material eXchange Format (MXF) 
13-14.12.2011, EBU Geneva Programme
Other - 05 Dec 2011
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Building a Social Media Strategy for your News 
5-6.12.2011, EBU Geneva Programme
Technical Reports - 01 Dec 2011
Report on The Future of Terrestrial Broadcasting 

This Technical Report was originally published as BPN100, to EBU Members only. The future role of terrestrial broadcasting is examined in light of the rapidly changing needs of broadcasting and 18 recommendations are made to broadcasters concerning this vital resource.

BPN - 01 Dec 2011
Report on The Future of Terrestrial Broadcasting Restricted

The EBU Technical Committee decided in October 2011 that BPN 100 should be made available to the public. This was done by publishing the report as EBU Technical Report 013. In November 2011 the report needed revision (explained in TR013) and it was decided to withdraw BPN 100 to simplify the editorial process. See EBU TR013. The link to BPN 100 is a placeholder.

Position paper - 01 Dec 2011
Online distribution of audiovisual works 
EBU Reply to the EU Green Paper on the online distribution of audiovisual works in the European Union: opportunities and challenges towards a digital single market
tech-i magazine - 30 Nov 2011
EBU tech-i 010 

This is the tenth issue of tech-i, the EBU TECHNICAL's quarterly magazine which includes the following articles: Viewpoint from L. Vermaele, Second Screen, Digital Radio Standards, Predicting the Future, FIMS, Reference Display Issues, DVB-T2-Lite, 3DTV Update, ITU-R 6A & 6C, Diary.

Other - 24 Nov 2011
Eurovision ACADEMY Network & Learn : Corporate Communication 
24-25.11.2011, EBU Geneva Programme
Other - 22 Nov 2011
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Transmedia Storytelling 
22-23.11.2011, EBU Geneva Programme
Other - 14 Nov 2011
Eurovision ACADEMY Workshop : News & Social Media 
14-16.11.2011, MTV, Budapest, Hungary Programme
Other - 07 Nov 2011
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Public Service News: making the difference 
7-8.11.2011, BBC Academy, London, UK Programme
Recommendations - 31 Oct 2011
USID for the OriginatorReference field of BWF 

This Recommendation posits a simple means of generating a USID (Unique Source ID ) in the <OriginatorReference> field of a BWF file.

Viewpoint - 15 Oct 2011
The future of Digital Radio 
EBU Viewpoint - For digital radio to flourish in Europe, national governments must decisively plan digital launch scenarios amid a broader, coordinated EU-wide approach.
Other - 27 Sep 2011
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Brand your News Walk the Line 
27-28.09.2011, EBU Geneva Programme
Tech 3000 series - 23 Sep 2011
EBU Reference Data & Classification Schemes 

This document defines the information needed to describe and maintain hierarchical reference vocabularies.

Other - 22 Sep 2011
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Leading Change in the Newsroom 
22-23.09.2011, EBU Geneva Programme
Tech 3000 series - 22 Sep 2011
P_META 2.2 Metadata Library 

The P_META Semantic Metadata Schema (ver.2.2, September 2011) is a standard vocabulary for programme information in the broadcasting industry.

Other - 22 Sep 2011
Eurovision ACADEMY Workshop : SportsTrailers 
22-23.09.2011, TRT Ankara, Turkey Programme
Other - 22 Sep 2011
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Material eXchange Format (MXF) 
22-23.09.2011, EBU Geneva Programme