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Other - 25 Dec 2012
Vision & Visibility - Strategy 2013-2016 
The UEFA EURO™ football championship, the London Olympic Games, the Helsinki European Athletics Championship showed the world that PSM are unbeatable at producing live sports and delivering them to audiences....
Report - 21 Dec 2012
PSB prominence in a converged media world 
This report is about making sure that public service content continues to have maximum impact in a world in which there are many more providers of content, and many more ways in which consumers can access...
Presentation - 11 Dec 2012
Vision of YLE News 
YLE Director of News & Current Affairs Atte Jääskeläinen tells the audience at the EBU Network and Learn Event in Geneva about the vision of YLE news
Presentation - 11 Dec 2012
Reshaping the BBC Newsroom 
Presentation by Simon Ward, Assistant Editor for BBC Newsgathering describes the mountains his organization had to climb to amalgamate television, radio and online news staff and workflows.
Tech 3000 series - 05 Dec 2012
Comparison of CIE Colour Metrics - TLCI-2012 

The use of LEDs both in TV and film production may introduce colorimetric problems. This document describes subjective tests to establish the most appropriate colour metric for assessing colour differences for use in the ‘TV Lighting Consistency Index-2012’.

Tech 3000 series - 05 Dec 2012
A Standard (TLCI-2012) TV Camera Model 

The use of high efficiency light sources such as LEDs both in TV and film production may introduce colorimetric problems.

tech-i magazine - 27 Nov 2012
EBU tech-i magazine 

Issue 14 of tech-i includes a report on two key tech trials at the London Olympics, namely the EBU and VRT-led MPEG-DASH trial and the NHK and BBC Super-Hi Vision coverage. There's also a status update on HbbTV, digital radio in Germany, the EBU Future Network Infrastructures programme, a proof-of-concept for a Media Authentification system, a report on the Eurovision News Exchange, a discussion of Net Neutralitiy and a profile of EBU Member Czech Radio. All this and more...

Activity Report - 27 Nov 2012
News Assembly Report 2012 Members Only
Since the last News Assembly the Media Department has come off the drawing board and become reality. The new structure's management team and staff were put into place on 1 September 2012. The Media Department...
Presentation - 09 Nov 2012
25-44 years old men and PSB TV 
25-44 years old men : How do they use media; what routines, contexts, hopes and expectations do they have? How and why do they watch web-tv? What are their impressions of mainstream tv channels? What is...
Presentation - 05 Nov 2012
Digital Radio in Europe 
Presentation given by Annika Nyberg at the Drive to Digital conference in London on 5 Novembre 2012. The presentation gives a short overview of the current situation of digital radio in Europe, with particular...
Tech 3000 series - 25 Oct 2012
Audio over IP - Production Intercoms; Interoperability Requirements 

Intercom systems are crucial to programme production. Various manufacturers produce IP intercoms and it is essential that they interoperate. This document specifies the transport protocols, coding algorithms, encapsulation and signalling that will ensure interoperability.

Other - 25 Oct 2012
Empowering Society 
A declaration on the core values of Public Service Media
Position paper - 15 Oct 2012
Open Internet 
EBU reply (extracts) to the European Commission's public consultation on specific aspects of transparency, traffic management and switching in an Open Internet
Technical Reports - 10 Oct 2012
Benefits and Limitations of SFNs for DTT 

This report discusses the benefits and the limitations of using single frequency networks (SFNs) for digital terrestrial television distribution. Technical, topographic, political, editorial economic and practical considerations are addressed.

Other - 04 Oct 2012
Eurovision ACADEMY Network & Learn : Live Music Everywhere Video resurrected the Radio Star 
4 October 2012, 3voor12, Hilversum Programme
Tech 3000 series - 26 Sep 2012
Assessment of a Sony BRC-H900 

Assessment of a Sony BRC-H900 performed by Alan Roberts in line with EBU R 118. This report is a supplement to EBU Tech 3335.

Tech 3000 series - 24 Sep 2012
EBU Acquisition Technical Metadata Set 

This specification, agreed by EBU Members and manufacturers, is for use in a tapeless file-based or live production environment.