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Position paper - 23 Dec 2015
EBU Reply: Platforms and online intermediaries 
The EBU Reply to the EC consultation on the regulatory environment for platforms, online intermediaries, data and cloud computing and the collaborative economy
Technical Reports - 22 Dec 2015
Simulation parameters for theoretical LTE eMBMS Network Studies 

This document lists relevant technical parameters to be used for theoretical LTE eMBMS radio access network studies in order to yield comparable results in different investigations from various sources.

Fact Sheets - 08 Dec 2015
WRC-15 results 

The EBU is pleased to report that Region 1, most of Region 3 and South American countries in Region 2 have secured spectrum to facilitate investments that will stabilize Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) well into the 2020s.

Position paper - 07 Dec 2015
EBU Reply: Telecoms framework 
The EBU Reply to the EC consultation on the evaluation and the review of the regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services
Report - 04 Dec 2015
Media integration: IMPS key findings from visits to EBU Members 
This document is designed to be a source of understanding and inspiration for broadcast leaders and managers, regardless of the stage of media integration they find themselves in.
Report - 04 Dec 2015
Public Service Media Contribution to Society Login Only
The PSM Contribution to Society Project provides tools to help Members identify, assess and communicate the benefits PSM bring to national economies, technical innovation, culture and democracy.
Report - 03 Dec 2015
Vision2020: Connect, Grow and Influence 
We are living in the golden age of radio and television. Never before have audiences had access to such a wide range of high-quality information and entertainment programmes. Despite the many new operators,...
tech-i magazine - 02 Dec 2015
Welcome to the LiveIP Project 

EBU tech-i magazine, issue 26 welcomes you to the LiveIP Project, shows the latest on Automated Signing Production, and more...

Dataset - 01 Dec 2015
Public Service Media Remit Database Login Only
The database contains a list of the policy/legal documents that define and describe the remits of public service media in the EBU area. It also provides an overview of the approaching expiration/renewal dates of these documents.
Position paper - 27 Nov 2015
EBU Reply to the EC consultation on the review of the EU Satellite and Cable Directive 
The EBU Reply underscores the success of the current Directive while calling for the extension of the satellite rule to broadcasters' online services and for technological neutrality for the simultaneous...
Report - 19 Nov 2015
Children’s news: How can it survive the digital era? 
How new platforms, formats and increasing competition online are changing the ways children's news journalists around Europe work?
Report - 09 Nov 2015
Peer-to-peer review on PSM values: the concept 
The EBU has launched peer-to-peer reviews to provide Members with dedicated, professional-standard analysis at international level of how they are complying with their public service remits. The analysis...
Factsheet - 01 Nov 2015
Net Neutrality 
The Internet is a key driver for innovation, democratic participation and free speech. Its open nature lies at the heart of its success. It fuels investment in creative and innovate services, which directly boost growth in broadband uptake. Net neutrality policies are crucial for the open nature of the Internet and user confidence. The key issue at stake is the establishment of a clear framework ensuring that the Internet remains open and that all Internet data traffic is managed transparently and without discrimination
Activity Report - 28 Oct 2015
Activity Report 2014-2015: News Members Only
We live in a world of unending technological upheaval that continues to change our lives in ways that are truly revolutionary.
22 Oct 2015
Knowledge Exchange 2015 - Event Report 
The EBU Knowledge Exchange is an annual event organized by the Media Intelligence Service of the EBU. It brings together EBU Members, media professionals and communications scholars for a day of discussion and ideas sharing around a current issue affecting public service media (PSM).
Tech 3000 series - 22 Oct 2015
IBTN labels, Facility Codes & Media Carriers 

The IBTN scheme and bar-code label format is specified. A register of Facilities Codes and Media Carriers (tapes,  etc.),  used as part of the IBTN is included.

Activity Report - 21 Oct 2015
Activity Report 2014-2015: Online & Social Media 
The Online & Social Media Unit was created in August 2014 to provide key strategic support for Members. Our remit is to help Members bring high-quality digital content to audiences by providing services in the digital storytelling and skills sector. We aspire to meeting the needs of audiences now and in the future by working closely with our network of experts in storytelling innovation, social media trends, and creating a digital culture. In addition, we focus on developing partnerships with industry-leading companies and organizations, in online and social media. We work horizontally across the Media Department to exchange knowledge, incubate new services and promote a digital working model. Find out more in this activity report.
Activity Report - 17 Oct 2015
Activity Report 2014-2015: Legal and Public Affairs 
The EBU’s vision and mission is to make public service media indispensable, acting as the ‘Authoritative Voice for PSM’. A cornerstone of this objective is the Public Affairs roadmap that pinpoints current legal and strategic priorities for our Members and forms the basis of our collective advocacy strategy.
Activity Report - 16 Oct 2015
Eurovision Academy Annual Report 2014-2015 
In 2014–2015, Eurovision Academy delivered 65 courses attended by representatives from 70 EBU Members. With a 98% satisfaction rate, the Academy more than ever plays the role of academy for EBU Members’...
Fact Sheets - 12 Oct 2015
Preparations for WRC-15 support DTT 

Decisions made at WRC-15 regarding the allocation of spectrum frequencies could significantly impact the future of terrestrial TV in Europe. This fact sheet summarises the results of the preparatory work conducted in Europe and in the ITU.