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Eurosonic Festival 
The Eurosonic Festival is the European showcase for up-and-coming bands and artists, and Euroradio is at the heart of this annual three-day event, which takes place every January in Groningen (Netherlands).
World Radio Day 
World Radio Day (WRD) on 13 February marks the anniversary of the first broadcast by UN Radio in 1946, when it transmitted its first call sign: "This is the United Nations calling the peoples of the world."
International Feature Conference 
How do you “grab” an audience with a great opening? How can radio tell the history of the world in 100 objects? How about a “jam session” where participants bring and play their favourite selections?
Radio Innovation Fund 
The Euroradio Innovation Fund replaces the Euroradio Development Fund, set up in 2001 to allow the Euroradio Committee a degree of flexibility in encouraging, supporting and benchmarking new programme initiatives outside of the normal budgetary process.