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Project - 28 Sep 2018
Euroradio Folk Festival 
Promoting the cultural diversity of Europe through music exchanges
Project - 27 Sep 2018
Euroradio Jazz Orchestra 
As leaves fall, jazz rises! Over a dozen young men and women from EBU Radio organizations will soon head to Latvia for the annual Euroradio Jazz Orchestra tour, on 9-10 Nov.
Project - 05 Jun 2018
Euroradio Summer Festivals 
For over two decades, the Euroradio Summer Festivals have remained true to their goal of providing radio audiences with a selection of the best classical music, much of it live via satellite – symphony...
Project - 13 Mar 2018
Euroradio Holy Week Music Day 
Across European musical traditions, the period of Holy Week has given rise to some of the most important musical works in the history of the art form, seeking to encapsulate in music the dramatic events of Christ's Passion.
Project - 11 Jan 2018
Chicago Jazz Festival 
Each summer, the City of Chicago presents its flagship Chicago Jazz Festival, celebrating its 40th year in 2018.
Project - 21 Dec 2017
Dawn Chorus 
Every spring for over two decades, EBU Member RTÉ has brought the sounds of early morning birdsong into Irish homes. Since 2016, thanks to an unprecedented collaboration among public radio broadcasters throughout Europe, listeners across the continent are able to wake up to this “dawn chorus”, the sound of millions of birds singing in order to lay claim to their territory or to attract a mate.
Project - 21 Dec 2017
Euroradio International Features Conference 
How do you “grab” an audience with a great opening? How can radio tell the history of the world in 100 objects? How about a “jam session” where participants bring and play their favourite selections?
Project - 23 Nov 2017
Euroradio Christmas Music Day 
The Euroradio Christmas Music Day has been one of the EBU’s most popular offerings ever since it first aired in 1995.
Project - 22 Nov 2017
Euroradio World Music Workshop 
Symbolic of today’s global culture, World Music is a fusion of non-Western traditional music with contemporary elements, from afrobeat to club sounds, from Tuareg rock in Timbuktu to samba in Brazil.
Project - 07 Feb 2017
World Radio Day 
World Radio Day (WRD) on 13 February marks the anniversary of the first broadcast by UN Radio in 1946, when it transmitted its first call sign: "This is the United Nations calling the peoples of the world."