RESEARCH published on 25 Jul 2022

Eurovision Song Contest Brand Impact Report 2022

Take a look at our brand new Eurovision Song Contest report that focuses on the event's brand impact. See the contribution to society this massive live TV and online event has on media, music, the economy and its overall impact on society and culture. The event reaches all audiences with 25% viewers aged 4-35. 

Did you know that this year's event saw:

  • €702 Million of ad-value through 119 000 online articles
  • The 40 ESC songs were streamed 544 million times
  • 57% of tourists visited Turin for the event

In addition to this report, Luminate produced a separate detailed study on the performances of ESC songs on streaming platforms. It also covers fan insights and analyses on the ESC viewership. It is available to download here. (Member exclusive)


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