RESEARCH published on 03 Jul 2023

Public Service Media International Services

With the world becoming increasingly globalised and cross-border movements growing, many public service media (PSM) have incorporated serving international audiences in their mandate. Broadcasters in the EBU area currently offer 155 linear services, between TV and radio, with plenty of non-linear content also available.

Our newest report explores the offering, programming and targeting involved in PSM’s international services. It found that these channels serve all the audiences that derive value from accessing the broadcasts of a PSM organisation that isn’t the local one. International services cater to diasporas, international audiences and foreigners. They are also remarkably diverse, providing several different genres and using more than 100 languages.

Our report also delves into online distribution, which is already prevalent for radio and non-linear services and is expected to become a priority for TV and holds big potential for paid offers. On top of this, our research looks into the future of these services that are facing pressure on funding and technological innovation, which will soon become relevant for most services.


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