NEWS published on 17 Jun 2014

VISION2020: Redesigning EBU's future to serve Members better


Phase II of the VISION2020 project, which looked at the EBU's services and commitments to its Member broadcasters, is coming to an end. The results, outlined in brief in 'VISION2020: Redesigning Our Future', will be presented at the 72nd General Assembly (26 to 27 June) in Naples, Italy.

Since the beginning of 2014, EBU Members, staff and the Executive Board have all been heavily involved in this second stage - via workshops, assemblies, committees and working groups - with the aim of examining the EBU's future mission.

This intensive strategic planning exercise has resulted in the development of a clearer and more focused strategic direction to provide Members with better support. The analysis also took into account the Top 10 Recommendations for the public service media (PSM) community, outlined in the e-Report that came out of Phase I.

In the future, the EBU will concentrate on:

  • speaking for Members with a strong, united voice on advocacy issues
  • providing first-class operational services to its broadcasters, and
  • becoming a centre for learning and growth.

Phase III of VISION2020, which begins after the Naples General Assembly, will look at how changes to the EBU's current operational, organisational and funding structures can be implemented. The results of this third phase will be presented to the next General Assembly in December.