Material eXchange Format (MXF)

All broadcasters will eventually have to migrate to an entirely file-based workflow. How to do this in the smoothest and most efficient way, while ensuring interoperability between servers, workstations and other content creation devices?

One immediate approach is through using the Material eXchange Format (MXF).

The EBU supports this technology and has identified an urgent need among broadcasters to expand their understanding in this field.


  • Broadcast Engineers
  • Project managers on migration issues
  • R&D engineers


  • Know what MXF is: where it comes from, how it works, what problems it addresses.
  • Learn about MXF technology, including its physical structure, metadata, essence and operational patterns.
  • Identify MXF applications: advanced workflows, interoperability issues


  • Introduction to MXF
  • MXF logical model
  • MXF applications and MXF physical structure
  • Descriptive metadata and DMS-1
  • Metadata is the real world
  • MXF standardisation currently underway
  • Advanced MXF applications
  • New trends
  • MXF interoperability
  • MXF-based systems and workflows


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Pedro Ferreira, Director of Consulting and Innovation
Co-founder and Product Manager at MOG Solutions and MOG Technologies.

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  • Material and organisation was very good. Right detail level, very useful summarising many technical information along with practical examples. Well done presentations and teaching skills.
  • The quality of information given and the detailed specs on the MXF file.
  • Practical demos. Showing the theory is correct.
  • Discover the possibilities and complexity of MXF. Open minds to new ideas.
  • The way the theory was presented (in a ordering sense). Very clear, progressive level.
  • Found it important that the introduction was done thoroughly and mot assumed MXF to be known, the debate was outstanding.
  • I learned a lot. Good presentation.Interacting and talking to participants headed by the trainer.
  • What I can do with information learned.


Overall satisfaction rating: 38.5% good, 61.5% excellent


30 Nov - 01 Dec 2010


EBU, Geneva

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Additional details

Nathalie Cordonnier (Project Manager) and Mathias Coinchon (participant) explain what is MXF, who is the target audience and why professionals should attend the course.

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