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6th EBU Master School on Radio Features in 2012-2013

Enhance your creativity and master innovative skills in radio production

To produce a feature you need to master a complex range of competences, tools and techniques in audio programming (research, storytelling, sound, music, recording, interviewing, distribution, promotion). Young producers will strengthen their self-confidence by getting better methods and richer ways in the audio production.

The Master School covers the most critical aspects of radio feature genre in order to develop creative and innovative audio programmes.

Learn from a close-knit community of professionals

Design and produce your own feature under the personal coaching of experienced Documentary Producers.

The Eurovision ACADEMY Master School on Radio Features is a journey within a Community of Professionals in a very creative environment. This offers great outcome. Our former participants won several international awards. (Read testimonials on our Facebook page).


  • Produce a high-quality radio feature.
  • Master innovative skills in radio production.
  • Enhance production marketability.
  • Gain self-confidence & create your network.


The selected pool of young radio producers benefits from the unique expertise of experienced professionals in writing, developing and producing quality radio features which have the potential to reach a European audience.

This long-term training course includes:

  • Master Course 1 - Themes, topics, storytelling & realisation
    4 - 7 February,, RBB, Berlin
    Including lecture, case studies, practical exercises, listening sessions, work in groups, individual work, meeting with coaches.
  • Master Course 2 - Creative coaching
    23 - 25 June 2012, VRT, Brussels, Belgium
    Coaching sessions followed by a learning session affording trainees the opportunity for cross fertilisation of their programme ideas and concepts.
  • Online coaching
    The coaching aims at accompanying the trainee all along the production of his/her feature, strengthening his/her self-confidence. The coaches can assist the trainees during the final editing.
  • The production of a personal feature under the guidance of experts
    What kind of radio documentary will you create? The format developed will be a maximum of 30 minutes, i.e. the traditional format for features.

The choice of topics can address a very wide area of subject matters like Finance, Business, Media, Marketing, Travel, Sports as well as the more traditional human and social interest areas.

  • Presentation at the 39th IFC (International Feature Conference)
    12-15 May 2013, Bergen, Norway

    Extracts of the student feature programmes produced during this year’s Master School were presented at this world-renowned conference.
    This world-renowned Conference is a unique opportunity for radio documentary makers to listen to programmes, to exchange experiences and to discuss matters of common interest.

    More: http://ifc2.wordpress.com/2013-39th-ifc-bergen-home/


Long-term training dedicated to young radio producers (under 35) who want to improve their skills, tools and techniques in audio programming. They will be coached by experienced radio professionals in order to produce a high-quality radio feature, which will help them strengthen their self-confidence for future work.

28 candidates from 13 different countries have sent their application for the 6th edition of the EBU Master School on Radio Features. (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, UK)   

The selection committee met at VRT, Brussels early December to select the candidates.


Award-winning radio producers are carefully hand-picked to provide expert coaching.

coach photo coach photo coach photo
Edwin Brys Lisbeth Jessen Ronan Kelly
NO PICTURE AVAILABLE coach photo coach photo
Leo  Knikman Michael Lissek Leslie Rosin
coach photo >> More about our coaches
Nicolai Van Koslowski    

The Selected Candidates

The EBU Master School creates a dynamic network between Radio stations and builds bridges between generations of producers. Trainees become part of an international class. They exchange ideas and approaches while benefited from the richness of cultural differences. The young producers who have been chosen are:

participant photo participant photo participant photo

Anil Bhoslé

Radio France

Coach: Lisbeth Jessen

Jaroslava Haladova

Czech Radio, Czech Republic

Coach: Leslie Rosin

Jonas Heldt

rbb, Germany

Coach: Leo Knikman

participant photo participant photo participant photo

Jesper Henriksen

Radio24syv, Denmark

Coach: Leo Knikman

Leo Hornak

BBC World Service, UK

Coach: Lisbeth Jessen

Brian Kenny

Radio Producer,

Coach: Leslie Rosin

participant photo participant photo participant photo

Anna Katharina Laggner

Freelance Editor, ORF, Austria

Coach: Nicolai Van Koslowski

Monika Malec

Polish Radio Lublin, Poland

Coach: Edwin Brys

Anne Martens

VPRO, Netherlands

Coach: Michael Lissek

participant photo participant photo participant photo

Johannes Nichelmann

rbb Berlin, Germany

Coach: Ronan Kelly

Lenka Paprokova

Czech Radio, Czech Republic

Coach: Michael Lissek

Saar Slegers

NTR, Netherlands

Coach: Edwin Brys

participant photo    

Katharina Smets

VRT, Belgium

Coach: Ronan Kelly


Presentation at the IFC (International Feature Conference)
Bergen, Norway, 15 May 2013

Extracts of the student feature programmes produced during this year’s Master School were presented at this world-renowned conference.

Saar Slegers (Netherlands) and Johannes Nichelmann (Germany) made the presentation and explained what this long term radio training meant to them.

The IFC ended by the briljant session “ Deconstruction of  Franziska Dorau’s  (ORF) “Holiday for Life”, Prix Europa winner 2012, by Laurent Grissell, BBC.

part 1


part 2


Quote from participant What a boost of talent and energy and what a professional presentation!, reacted Peter Leonard Braun (Prix Europa) at the overview of the latest  Master School on Radio Features

Presented with great elan, good taste and offering some teasing clips which ask for more
(Willem Davids, Netherlands)

Thanks to the lively presentation by Saar and Johannes everybody was intrigued by the richness of the programmes. I’m looking forward to listen to the pieces at home! It will definitely help me to overcome the withdrawal symptomes after the IFC with its great amount of the feeding for the ears. (Eva Nachmilnerova, Czech Republic)

An excellent and professional overview (Ronan Kelly, Ireland)
Quote from participant



04 Feb 2012 - 11 May 2013


Nathalie Labourdette
Head Eurovision ACADEMY
T +41 (0)22 717 21 46

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Master Course II: VRT, Brussels (23-25 June)

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News article

EBU Master School docs reveal a fast-changing Europe

Students from Eurovision ACADEMY’s 2012-2013 Master School on Radio Features presented, for the first time, their own documentaries at this year's International Features Conference (IFC) in Bergen, Norway on 15 May. Read more

Compilation of Radio Features

Discover the outstanding accomplishment of the 2012-2013 young talents from Radio Member organizations.

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The Master School on Radio Features proved that it develops talent in the long term.

Franzizka Dorau, EBU Master School 2010-2011 and Monika Kalcsis, EBU Master School 2006-2007 won the Best  European Radio Documentary of the Year 2012.

>> More award winners

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6 editions since 2004
169 applications collected
76 selected candidates from 32 nationalities

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