Enhance your TV Programmes with Social Media (ONLINE SESSION)

SPECIAL NOTE: This event is cancelled due to current circumstances. If you require more information please contact Hélène Rauby-Matta.


Social media offers an unparalleled opportunity for makers of TV programmes to reach out to audiences in new ways. In the complex and pressurised environment of TV production, what strategies and approaches can we use to make the most of this opportunity? 

Using many real-life examples, this Masterclass will take people through varying ways to offer social media content and invite participants to focus on the needs of their broadcast project. 

Participants will learn how to combine social media with TV production: how can the teams collaborate, create a proper workflow and identify new audiences. The Master Class will give them the building blocks to create or develop their own successful social media approaches.


Who it's for

  • Programme or film makers, e.g. producers, editors, researchers, executives
  • Those wanting to enter the TV or film industry
  • New starters to the TV or film industry

Skills Learnt 

Audience: Understand how your audience and potential audience are using social media, and how you can reach new people through your social media activity.
Business: Articulate your own social media business aims so you can develop a strategic approach to creating and measuring success. Articulate your production setup to commissioners to gain more budget for social media activity.
Editorial: Develop your understanding on the differences between social and linear broadcast, and the types of content which succees via social media. Gain insights into planning ways to make the most of your production setup for effective social media content.
Innovation: How broadcasters can filmmakers are finding news ways to be creative via social media.
Safety: Learn how to avoid social media emergencies.
Social: Learn about the key aspects to think about when planning social media activity around broadcasts.
Storytelling: Understand how you can effectively tell stories around your TV broadcast through social media activity.
Strategy: Learn about the key areas which are critical when building a strong social media strategy either before you start or after the accounts have been launched.


Course Objectives

  • The opportunity social media holds for TV programmes
  • Ways of thinking about social media audiences, how to reach out to them and potentially give them a voice within your programme
  • What drives successful social media content and how it fundamentally differs from linear broadcast
  • What successful social media production requires with regards to production set up.


Day 1: 13:00 - 17:00
Day 2: 09:00 - 13:00


Content ouline

Day 1

Introduction and objectives 
Tour de table – how you use social media

Module 1: The Social Media Landscape
A brief look at why TV makers are using social media, including the scale of social media use and media consumption trends.

Module 2: Collaboration and Audience Targeting 
Looking at case studies including the BBC's Blue Planet II, we consider how collaboration between TV and Social media can help reach new and specific audiences, as well as ways to deepen understanding of the audiences that programme makers want to reach out to.
-    Blue Planet II case study

Module 3: User Generated Content, Reaching Out & Reflecting Opinion 
We examine different ways of involving audiences in various types of programmes and their social content, including Social Listening, User Generated Content and live debate.
-    Springwatch case study
-    Exercise: using audience content/input into linear programme

Day 2

Module 4: Storytelling On Social Media
We consider the principles of storytelling via social media rather than linear broadcasting, including use of short form video. How this can help your TV programme storytelling? 

Module 5: What Content Works Well on Social Media
How do we create content that people love on social media, and what content strategies can help us make the most of our efforts?
-    Radio One Case study

Module 6: Social Media Production Set Up
What does social media production require to succeed in the complex world of TV production? And how do we successfully articulate this to commissioners?

Equipment needed by participants

Participants are asked to bring their digital content device of choice, e.g. their laptop, tablet or mobile phone – however, none are required to fully take part.

Faculty member


Audience Business Editorial Innovation Safety Social Storytelling Strategy


16 - 17 Jun 2020


European Broadcasting UnionL'Ancienne-Route 17A Le Grand-Saconnex GE 1218 Switzerland

Registration Deadline

12 Jun 2020

Registration details


  • 1st participant: EUR 750
  • 2nd participant from same company (25% discount): EUR 562.50
  • Additional participants from same company (50% discount): EUR 375 per person

The price includes tuition, course materials and coffee breaks. It does not include any other meals, travel or hotel costs. 

Payment and cancellation policy


EBU Academy do not make hotel reservations. Please contact the hotel of your choice directly. 

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