Data journalism and US election 2020: SESSION 2 - How to collect complex data and build in-depth stories

This online session will take place via Zoom at 11:00-12:30 CET.

EBU Academy faculty member Jonathan Stoneman will explore the online repositories of information and reproducible methodologies - R packages, Python packages – and how to “ride on the shoulders of giants”.

Jonathan will be joined by Eurovision News Data Journalist Teemo Tebest. Together they will also explore what American media players such as the New York Times, Buzzfeed and have been doing, drawing on graphics examples.
They will also demonstrate the value of such data and how a story is built from data taken from these sources in an investigative, deeper way. 


By the end of this series, participants will:
•    Understand how to collect data of big size and complexity
•    How the data can lead to new types of stories and get ready for this


Design thinking: Where visualisation of data is covered, there will be opportunities to see others’ design thinking and enhance one’s own
Data: Finding and using data to enhance or tell a story
Storytelling: Advancing storytelling through use of data
Social: Finding data driven stories being shared by US journalists and outlets
Digital Newsgathering: All the skills in these sessions are part of digital newsgathering, and will be new to some participants
Editorial: Enhancing newsgathering with new sources
Innovation: For many members these sessions will lead to innovation of output and the way stories are told.

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16 Sep 2020


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