Preparing your move to Live IP TV Production

This e-Master Class is designed to support EBU Members in their transition to a full live-IP production environment.

It will provide a high-level strategic and technological overview on the issue and provide an opportunity for EBU Members to bring together IT and broadcast specialists around a common understanding of key developments and challenges to benchmark their own state of play.

The content of the course undergoes constant review to ensure that participants are brought up to date with the latest standards, products and market trends.

New content has been recently developed on the following topics:

  • Advanced knowledge on networks
  • Security and the vulnerability of networks
  • Audio over IP solutions and standards for TV production
  • System Design covering monitoring & troubleshooting, network design, connection management, network management and transitioning from SDI to ST2022-6 to ST 2110 and remote production

Please note: the content of the e-Master Class has been adapted and re-organized to be delivered online. The duration of the course now spans over 3 weeks, with three 2 and a half hour sessions every week. It will include demonstrations on networks, SMPTE 2110 and NMO.


  • Chief technology officers, project managers
  • Planning engineers, system and network designers and architects
  • Broadcast and network engineers involved in developing their broadcaster's production platform
  • AV technicians and engineers with either an IT or broadcast technology background in need to complement their knowledge


  • State of play regarding products, existing standards and current standardization efforts
  • Keys to understanding technology developments, with a special highlight on interoperability, monitoring, trouble shooting & security issues
  • Characteristics of networks for media
  • Challenges and possible strategies for a transition to Live-IP facilities


  • Live Zoom learning sessions three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – (two and a half hours each) from 10:00 until 12:30
  • Homework: 2-3 hrs/week
  • Start date: 21 September
  • End date: 7 October


Participants who complete the course (including attending live online sessions and completing homework) will obtain an EBU Academy certificate of achievement.

Course outline:

  • The technology pyramid and TR-1001
  • Networks for Live IP
  • Precision time protocol
  • Media transport over IP networks
  • SMPTE 2110
  • Audio over IP for TV production
  • The control plane
  • What about security?

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Live-IP production


21 Sep - 07 Oct 2020


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18 Sep 2020

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Fee: €450

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EBU Network Technology Seminar 2020

Strategic Programme - Production Infrastructure

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The Master Class has been developed in collaboration with EBU Technology & Innovation

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Hélène Rauby-Matta
Business Development Manager
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