Investigative Journalism: How to cover international news stories

This online learning session will take place 11:00-12:00 CET via Zoom.

Join faculty member Nils Hanson to look at the challenges that journalists are facing when an investigation takes them abroad.

Having to cope with tight budgets and restrictions to travel means that it can be unfeasible for journalists to go to every country where the story takes them. As a result, partnering with foreign journalists is often not an option but a necessity.

This online session will look at everything an investigative journalist must consider when he wants to work with colleagues in foreign countries. It will address the following:

  • How to find trusted colleagues in foreign countries
  • What are the most reliable Investigative Journalist networks?
  • How to manage the cooperation on a daily basis
  • How to build the trust
  • When the story is ready, how to agree on publishing
  • What are the financial aspects involved in such partnership?
  • How to set up a cross-border team of journalists

Nils Hanson, the Editor in Chief of Mission Investigate, the #1 investigative story magazine at SVT, will bring his experience to cover these points. He will also be joined by guest speakers Brigitte Alftner, Olle Zachrison and Belén Lopez Garrido.

Brigitte Alftner is head of DataHarvest conference in Mechelen, Belgium and author of the book “Cross Border  collaborative journalism, a step-by-step guide”. 

Olle Zachrison is Head of Digital News Development at Swedish Radio (SR). He has been Chairperson of the EBU Investigative Projects & Network (EIPN) since the start in 2017. 

Belén Lopez Garrido is a News Editor at the EBU and a Project Manager for the EBU Investigative Projects & Network (EIPN). 

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17 Nov 2020


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