Q&A session on the Maison Radio Canada Live IP project

This Q&A is open to EBU Members only, and will take place at 15:00 to 17:00 CET via Zoom.

On 24th August 2020, L’Heure du Monde, a daily show on current affairs, was the first radio programme to air from the new studios of Maison Radio Canada and 'the first tangible proof of the new Live IP technologies in operation' as specified by Felix Poulin, Director - Media Transport Architecture and Lab, RadioCanada/CBC and one of the key leaders of the project. This is the outcome of a project that started in 2015 when CBC/Radio Canada decided to build a full IP-based production centre in Montreal rather than refurbish the old one and stay with SDI. Five years down the road, the building is now operational and Radio Canada staff and programmes have been gradually moving to the new building since the Summer. 

During this session, Felix Poulin will answer your questions about one of the most ambitious IP production-based projects completed thus far in broadcasting, explain Radio Canada architectural decisions, real life constraints to implementing the ideal architecture, opinions on what would be done differently in a future project, and what are the key requirements to insist on when selecting equipment.

A few days prior to the online Q & A, participants will receive a slide deck with the key elements of the project.

What will you learn:

  • Understanding the various components of a large scale Live IP implementation project
  • Key technological choices of Radio Canada to implement full live IP production in its new facilities
  • Real life constraints when implementing technology architectural plans
  • Key requirements to insist on when selecting equipment


Live IP: understanding the ins and outs of setting a full Live IP production infrastructure in a new broadcast building
Innovation: How to implement new technologies (project management, roll-out calendar, communication, staff training

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23 Feb 2021


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