How to create impactful news formats to engage Generation Z audiences

This e-Master Class will take place on Monday 22 March, Wednesday 24 March and Friday 26 March 2021 at 10:00 to 12:30 CET each day via Zoom.

A maximum of 15 people can register for the eMC. There will be more dates added in the future.

Many traditional news formats are not reaching Generation Z (Gen Z) audiences. Also referred to as the iGeneration, Gen Z covers people in their mid-teens to early 20s, and this demographic makes up more than 30% of the global population. 

Public service broadcasters often find it difficult to keep up with ever-changing platforms, while maintaining the production of high quality journalism. Likes and views are important, but we need to tailor our news stories to engage the Gen Z audience in a more meaningful way. 

In a crowded digital world where everyone is a creator, how can Public Service Media (PSM) stay relevant? How can PSM gain trust from Gen Z and win the battle of becoming their primary news source? Can we create formats that engage with young people across multiple platforms and apply PSM values on these formats?

In this e-Master Class Mark Egan and Justin Kings will deconstruct and review the various elements that make a news format successful - for example is it picture-based or emotion-led – and how this affects the relevance and engagement. Following this, you will be challenged to create a news format flexible enought to work across multiple platforms and which appeals to a Gen Z audience.

Who it is for:

  • News editors
  • Content producers
  • News strategists

What you will learn:

  • How to better understand Gen Z, the content they consume and how they consume it
  • Why many current formats do not resonate with Gen Z audiences
  • How to apply proven principles to develop new storytelling formats
  • Techniques to boost the creativity of programme teams 
  • How to use multi-disciplinary teams to create new, ambitious content opportunities. 


Day 1:

  • Getting to know Gen Z - videos, examples
  • Understanding why current formats may not work with this audience
  • What the audience research says
  • The five step story format model

Day 2: 

  • Examples of success stories that follow this approach 
  • Using multi-disciplinary teams 
  • Creativity techniques to allow for innovation in your formats 
  • Challenge: Create an innovative storytelling format to attract a Gen Z audience 

Day 3:

  • Participants present the final pitch of their format
  • Feedback from special panel 
  • Action steps and close 


Audience: How to gain qualitative insights into Gen Z 
Business: Digital news-gathering 
Editorial:  The ability to challenge existing editorial models 
Innovation: Learn techniques to foster greater creativity 
Social: How to build multi-disciplinary content creation teams 
Storytelling: How to use proven principles to create multi-platform formats 
Strategy: Develop community management strategies

Faculty members


Audience Business Diversity Editorial Innovation Social Storytelling Strategy


22 - 26 Mar 2021


Registration Deadline

19 Mar 2021

Registration details

Fee: €250

Contact detail

Nathalie Labourdette
Head of EBU Academy
+41 22 717 21 46