Online Learning Session: Lessons on Crisis Management after a Year of COVID-19

This free online learning session (OLS) will take place from 14:00 to 15:00 CET via Zoom.

The COVID-19 crisis forced us all to react quickly and in a matter of days we were rapidly changing our working practices.

Since February 2020, broadcast networks have continued to adapt and crisis management has given way to business continuity. 

Now, it’s time to reflect, learn and consider what else might be on the horizon. Will we be prepared for the next unscheduled event? Crisis management teams were in place, many had done detailed crisis planning but were they able to deliver what was needed, at the right time and the right place?  

What lessons have we learned after one year of continuous crisis? Was the crisis management strategy efficient and what can we draw on for the future? There are so many areas to review and consider:

  • Did we protect the organization’s reputation?
  • How will we evaluate our contingency plans?
  • Did the crisis management plan work?
  • Did the organization respond effectively to the crisis?
  • How did the crisis management team respond – strengths and weaknesses? 
  • What went well and what needs improvement?
  • Was our communication clear and consistent? 
  • Did our reputation or the external confidence in our organization suffer? 

Faculty member Caroline Neil will be joined by expert and guest speaker Emmanuel Frantz, EBU CFAO and Director of the EBU Crisis Management Team. They will discuss many of these issues but also look ahead to what might be just over the horizon and what can we learn from COVID-19 to help future strategic planning.   

Topics covered in this session:

  • How best to evaluate your organization’s response to COVID-19 and some key lessons learned
  • Horizon scanning; learning from the past to protect the future 


Business: Learn how crisis management can protect the business 
Strategy: Define the main elements of a crisis management strategy
Security: Learn what is horizon scanning 

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22 Apr 2021


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