Online Learning Session: Sustainability and Sport

This free online learning session will take place from 11:00 to 12:00 CEST via Zoom.


The pandemic has forced us broadcasters to rethink how we work. This creates an opportunity to become more sustainable in how we cover sports and sporting events both from production and editorial point of view. 

  • How many people actually need to travel to events? 
  • How can we minimise the environmental footprint of our production teams, while still providing excellent sports coverage? 
  • What are the sports and sustainability stories that should be told? 
  • And ultimately, what opportunities and benefits can ‘going sustainable’ bring to our organisations and our audiences? 

We will explore the case study of the As Sustainable As Possible (ASAP) project led by the Czech Olympic Committee. The vision of the ASAP project is to move from words to action, from guidelines and recommendations to their strategic implementation, and, ultimately, from ad-hoc initiatives to integrated sustainability across the operations of National Olympic Committees. 

The project can serve as a good example of practical and strategic work on sustainability topics by organisations that are starting in this field, perhaps like many broadcasters, and are guided by their more experienced colleagues. 

In this online learning session lead by EBU faculty member Mark Egan, we will hear from Jana Janotova. Jana is Czech Olympic Committee’s International Relations Manager and is in charge of the ASAP project aimed at promoting sustainability in sports organisations. 

As we look to restart lots of our sports coverage, this is the perfect opportunity for an introduction on how to plan and implement strategies to cover sports in a more sustainable way. 


Expert consultant:

Jana Janotova, International Relations and ASAP Project Manager, Czech Olympic Committee.


What you will learn: 

What sustainability is and why it matters in relation to sport. You will also understand how sports federations, partners and broadcasters can build sustainability into their planning. This will include some concrete examples of steps that can be implemented easily. 

Topics covered in this session:

  • What is sustainability and how does it relate to sports;
  • How can the coverage of sports and sporting events become more sustainable;
  • How to begin designing and implementing sustainability goals. 



  • Digital newsgathering: making newsgathering workflows more sustainable;
  • Editorial: why sustainability matters editorially;
  • Innovation: new ways of working to increase sustainability;
  • Strategy: planning a sustainability strategy.

We are keen to support our learning community of EBU Members’ professionals in the best way we can, so we are offering free online learning sessions where possible. Please keep up to date on our upcoming sessions here.

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Digital newsgathering Editorial Innovation Strategy


03 Jun 2021


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