Online Learning Session: Strategic Advocacy for PSM - Do’s and Don’ts in Stakeholder Mapping

This free online learning session will focus on the skill of stakeholder mapping and take place from 11:00 to 12:00 CEST via Zoom.

EBU Academy Faculty members Alain Guggenbuhl and Pierre Lucas will introduce the theoretical and practical tools needed to do stakeholder mapping before any advocacy campaign can be planned. Their experience both at the European level and at the national level will help you to understand how you can apply these models to your own situation.

Advocacy is an activity that aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social institutions. As these institutions are often large organizations involving thousands of actors, it is essential for advocates to focus their effort on the right people. Stakeholder mapping is the visual process of laying out the individuals who might have an impact in the decision you are trying to influence. The main benefit of a stakeholder map is to get a visual representation of all the people who can have an impact in these decisions and to understand how they are connected. 

During this session, Wouter Gekiere, Active Head of the EBU Brussels Office, will first present how stakeholder mapping can be used in the case of running an advocacy campaign involving the European Commission. He will also describe the different steps of the decision process of the Commission and the actors involved. He will finally explain how the EBU works to push forward the mandate of PSM.

This session will be followed by a group discussion where you can share the specificities of your own country with other participants.

To receive an invitation to this online session, please email Frederic Frantz at

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