VIDEO TALKS published on 13 Apr 2021

Why should public service media invest more and differently to connect with young adults?

It is often said that connecting with young audiences is a priority for public service media, and yet only a fraction of our budgets are used for this purpose. In this webinar, Noel Curran, EBU's Director General, insists that reaching youth audiences in not a lost cause and investing in them is possible. We then discuss the EBU Youth Report, what drives Gen Z, and what EBU Members are doing for youth. We also learn directly from our Members about the importance of engaging with young adults:

  • why SRF lets young people produce youth content
  • why France Télévisions' programmes mirror the world and the stories of Gen Z
  • why BBC’s news stories for youth spark their audience’s emotions
  • why Yle’s youth brand YleX is present on all platforms

Jean Philip De Tender, EBU's Media Director, closes the panel by touching on the importance of youth in today’s society and how their values are similar to those of public service media.


Francesca Cimino (EBU)
Manuel Thalmann (SRF)
Antonio Grigolini (France TV Slash)
Debbie Ramsey (BBC)
Hanne Kautto (YleX)