VIDEO TALKS published on 11 May 2021

How to cover breaking news

A terror attack in Vienna and a massive earthquake in Croatia shook the two countries late last year. Through the examples of the two tragic events, we show how EBU members ORF and HRT worked together with the Geneva newsroom to provide coverage for the membership.  

Watch the video to find out what happened in our newsrooms moments after the first alerts came in. Anita Fichtinger, ORF News Contact EVN Desk, Dijana Fister, HRT Eurovision News Desk Editor, Risida Dimitrova, BNT News Editor EVN Desk, and David Mogrovejo, EBU News Editor speak about covering breaking news for the EVN.      


Anita Fichtinger (ORF)
Dijana Fister (HRT)
Risida Dimitrova (BNT)
David Mogrovejo (EBU)