VIDEO TALKS published on 11 May 2021

Editorial Subcommittee mandate and News Committee elections

Giuseppe Solinas, RAI Tg1, Deputy Editor of Foreign News Desk and Chair of the Editorial Subcommittee, speaks about the new mandate and priorities of the subcommittee. One of the main objectives is to represent the entire News Exchange membership. Simon Ward, News Editor at BBC News Intake and News Library, launches the Reach Out Initiative of the subcommittee. Each member of the group will be in touch with a few members who are not represented in the subcommittee to ask for their input. Marit Moi, NRK News External Relations Manager, and Bente Lundstroem, DR News Coordinator at Foreign News, speak about the recently rewritten and approved new mandate of the subcommittee.

Benoit Balon-Perin, Chair of the News Committee and RTBF Innovation & Workflows Manager, announces that News Committee elections will take place during the News Assembly on 24-25 November 2021, and launches the election campaign.



Giuseppe Solinas (RAI)
Simon Ward (BBC)
Marit Moi (NRK)
Bente Lundstroem (DR)
Benoit Balon-Perin (RTBF)