VIDEO TALKS published on 17 Nov 2021

How to bring diversity to the core of our content

As many public broadcasting organizations work tirelessly to ensure programming that reflects and resonates with the diverse communities they serve, this session presents several existing Member initiatives that seek to bring diversity to their teams, content and consequently audiences. Doris Blaich explains how she and the SWR2 team started to seek deeper into diversity-related questions, inspired by a 60-minute session held in May 2021. Jessica Isaacs presents the BBC's Open Music initiative. Christoph Lindemann tells how diversity is the keyword driving the PULS Festival. George Preston shows how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a constant preoccupation in WFMT's daily work and programming.


Steps towards more diversity in our Classical music programme  — Doris Blaich (SWR)
BBC Open Music  — Jessica Isaacs (BBC)
PULS Diversity in Booking and Radio Programming  — Christoph Lindemann (BR)


George Preston (WFMT), moderator
Doris Blaich (SWR)
Jessica Isaacs (BBC)
Christoph Lindemann (BR)