VIDEO TALKS published on 25 Jan 2022

What is Ars Acustica?

"Ars Acustica is the utopian laboratory of tomorrow's radios", once said André Defossez (RTBF). "Ars Acustica - the world of acoustic arts - opens our ears as they are eyes. It teaches us how to understand world around through experience of listening", once said Michal Rataj (CZCR). The first carte blanche of the Music & Radio 60-minute sessions series is dedicated to Ars Acustica, a group which acts as a forum for discussion, promotion and production devoted to radio art and sound art within the EBU. The group's Chair and Vice-chairs tell us the story behind Ars Acustica with one of its founders-members, José Iges.


Marcus Gammel (DKU)
Anne Gillot (CHRTS)
Frank Halbig (SWR)
José Iges (Founder-member of the Ars Acustica group)