VIDEO TALKS published on 03 Mar 2022

The Voice of Public Service Media: Conversations with communications and corporate affairs leaders

We are delighted to invite you to a special session exploring how we shape and share our purpose, and our public value, for the future. We are particularly proud to do so in such a symbolic year, marking the birth of the BBC and public service media a century ago.

We are lucky enough to have a wealth of expertise in strategic, creative communications across our union. So I hope you'll do all you can to take part and make your voice count.


Joseph Hoban (moderator), Head of Brand Projects, Events and Partnerships, RTÉ
Greg Nugent, Co-founder and Creator at HTYT Ltd and Inc London
Deborah Copeland, Director of Internal Communications and Engagement, BBC
Marc Heydenreich, Leader and Public Value Coordinator, ARD
Dorien Verckist, Senior Media Analyst, EBU