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An exclusive access point to our research and analysis on a wide range of topics affecting the media industry

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Media Consumption Trends 2016 members only

The Media Consumption Trends report puts « traditional » TV and radio into the wider context of media...

07 JULY 2016

PSM Barometer 2016 members only

Presents a snapshot of the performance of public service media organizations across Europe against a...

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Our Media Intelligence Service (MIS) provides your broadcasting organisation with the latest research needed to plan your future strategies and stay ahead of the game. Our experts provide reliable market data and analysis, taking into account the latest political, economic, socio-cultural and technological factors. We cover a broad range of topics, including TV and radio trends, new media developments, market structure and concentration, funding and public policy issues.

Through the Media Intelligence Portal, Members can access the many publications produced by the Media Intelligence Service, such as country and company profiles, datasets, audience figures and reports. We also address individual requests for information.

Media Intelligence Portal


An exclusive access point to our research and analysis on a wide range of topics affecting the media industry

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13 OCTOBER 2016

Licence Fee still the core of public service media funding in Europe

Despite challenges to its legitimacy, the licence fee still provides two thirds of all EBU public service media (PSM) income and remains the bedrock of PSM funding across the continent.

04 OCTOBER 2016

Big Data: a tool for journalists to fight stereotypes and prejudice?

This year’s Prix Italia Festival looked into how Big Data is changing storytelling in the media. EBU Big Data Initiative leader Guillaume Klossa was on hand to moderate a panel featuring leading data journalists and researchers discussing how big data can offer new insights into current affairs.

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