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Atelier - 17 oct. 2018 Membres seulement
VOX: New content opportunities workshop
As part of the New Radio Day 2018 in Dublin, the EBU VOX Group will get together for a workshop on new content opportunities for Voice User Interfaces and Smart Speakers.

Adresse: Dublin, Ireland

Contact Email: salucci@ebu.ch

Conférence - 18 - 19 oct. 2018 Membres seulement
New Radio Day 2018
The annual New Radio Day is the meeting point for those working in radio innovation across EBU organizations.

Adresse: Dublin

Contact Email: dixong@ebu.ch; damiani@ebu.ch

Conférence - 19 oct. 2018 Membres seulement
EBU Culture Group's Berlin Summit - Cultural Radio in Europe: Where Next?
Public service radio is being challenged everywhere. Can it justify its existence in the face of political and commercial pressures? What is its purpose in a world of unprecedented digital choice? The Berlin Summit Cultural Radio Conference is a unique opportunity for industry leaders to consider the challenges we have in common and to share ideas and inspirations for the future.

Adresse: Berlin

Contact Email: marceau@ebu.ch

Atelier - 06 nov. 2018
Online Scheduling Workshop
The main objective of this workshop will be to dive into the broad digital scheduling challenge: starting from an overview of the overlap between linear and non-linear scheduling, we will then move to some of the specific issues presented by On Demand, and then we will analyze how the broadcasters are changing/reacting to this.

Adresse: EBU, Geneva

Contact Email: salucci@ebu.ch

Atelier - 08 - 09 nov. 2018 Membres seulement
The Impact of AI on Media

EBU Members only – This workshop assembles vital information concerning Artificial Intelligence and its impact on broadcasting. It addresses CEOs, CTOs, workflow architects and project managers, with the aim to help develop appropriate strategies and business plans.

Adresse: EBU, Geneva

Réunion - 08 - 09 nov. 2018 Membres seulement
Access Services Experts Meeting 2018
The EBU Access Services Experts event has become, over the years, the meeting point for those working in accessibility services across PSM organizations. This year’s plenary meeting will be held in Geneva on Friday 9 November 2018 at the kind invitation of RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse).

Adresse: Geneva, Switzerland

Contact Email: rossignol@ebu.ch

Assemblée - 12 - 13 nov. 2018 Membres seulement
13th News Assembly
The annual News Assembly offers news directors, editors in chief and foreign editors the opportunity to network and to exchange views about improving coverage, reducing costs and adapting to the changing media market.

Adresse: Edinburgh, Scotland

Contact Email: jimenez@eurovision.net

Conférence - 14 - 15 nov. 2018
News Xchange
Don't miss the news industry's biggest event of the year. Join top media professionals, experts and innovators at this year's News Xchange.

Adresse: Edinburgh, Scotland

Conférence - 19 - 21 nov. 2018
Forecast 2018

Our annual seminar that deals with the evolution of media distribution technologies, spectrum issues, regulation and associated business models.

Adresse: EBU Geneva

Réunion - 22 - 23 nov. 2018 Invitation seulement
The Voice of Public Service Media
Where communications professionals from public service media organizations come together to network, learn and share.

Adresse: Bonn, Germany

Contact Email: pupillo@ebu.ch

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Atelier - 11 oct. 2018 Membres seulement
3rd Data Journalists Workshop
The EBU Data Journalism network brings together data journalists from EBU Members to brainstorm, improve collaboration and share inspiration on how to use data to report on relevant issues.

Adresse: London, UK

Contact Email: jimenez@eurovision.net

Assemblée - 11 - 12 oct. 2018
1st Joint Academy and HR Assembly: Going Mobile
Aimed at Human Resource professionals working in media, this year's assembly will look at how mobile is changing society and behaviour, redefining the links between people, work, leisure and entertainment.

Adresse: Rome, Italy

Contact Email: frantz@ebu.ch

Assemblée - 11 - 12 oct. 2018 Membres seulement
16e Assemblée des affaires juridiques et publiques
L'Assemblée des affaires juridiques et publiques réunit des conseillers juridiques et des spécialistes des affaires publiques issus des Membres de l'UER. auxquels elle offre l’occasion de dialoguer et de travailler en réseau. C'est une plateforme d'échange et d'information sur les développements récents ayant un impact sur les médias de service public.

Adresse: Siège de l'UER, Genève

Contact Email: ebulegal@ebu.ch

Réunion - 04 - 05 oct. 2018 Invitation seulement
17th Internal Audit Group Meeting
The Internal Audit Group (IAG) consists of internal auditors and those interested in the profession of audit from EBU Member organizations. The group meets annually to discuss critical issues affecting public broadcasters today such as cyber security risks, general IT controls, audit of Internal controls, whistleblowing and more.

Adresse: London (GB)

Contact Email: pombo@ebu.ch

Assemblée - 03 - 05 oct. 2018 Invitation seulement
ACE Assembly 2018
Our Annual Assembly of Contact Engineers (ACE) is a unique opportunity for broadcast engineers and executives to come together to share best practice and get the latest updates on network activities. It is also a good opportunity to meet and discuss EBU Member-related projects, industry trends and future broadcasting technologies.

Adresse: EBU Headquarter Geneva

Contact Email: carron@eurovision.net

Atelier - 02 - 03 oct. 2018 Invitation seulement
EBU Kids Strategy Workshop
EBU Media is organizing the first strategic workshop around PSM children content.

Adresse: Rome, italy

Contact Email: kornmann@ebu.ch

Atelier - 26 - 27 sept. 2018 Membres seulement
Digital Transformation Initiative workshop at RTÉ
The Digital Transformation Initiative will be visiting RTE, the public service broadcaster of Ireland, for a workshop in September

Adresse: Dublin, Ireland

Contact Email: scotts@ebu.ch

Conférence - 25 sept. 2018
Cultural Heritage for the Future: The role of media innovation
The EBU brought together media and archive specialists, policy makers and entrepreneurs in Brussels to discuss how to best protect, develop and open up the audio-visual memory of Europe.

Contact Email: events-brussels@ebu.ch

Autre - 14 - 18 sept. 2018
EBU @ IBC 2018

Join us at Europe's largest annual conference and exhibition dedicated to media technology. You'll find our stand in Hall 10, stand F20.

Adresse: RAI, Amsterdam

Compétition - 13 sept. 2018
Rose d'Or
The prestigious Rose d'Or awards define the gold standard of excellence and achievement in entertainment programming. Join us to honour the industry's best programmes, programme-makers and performers.

Adresse: Berlin, Germany

Contact Email: schwarm@ebu.ch

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