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Children and young adults shape our present and future. Crafting compelling stories and relatable characters isn't just entertainment – it's the cornerstone of public service media's (PSM) mission. PSM's essence lies in delivering remarkable, inclusive content for all, and this means resonating with the youngest minds.

PSM continues to play a critical and distinctive role in children's lives. To this end, we facilitate peer group working and providing forums and platforms for the exchange of content, ideas, insights and inspiration. Tap into a goldmine of resources. Uncover essential insights and best practices for creating content that clicks with young audiences. This isn't just about media; it's about building connections and sparking imaginations.

We also help our Members to identify what works well to reach and connect with youth audiences by curating best practice examples and identifying the key elements that made them a success.

Ourf recent projects include dedicated support for our Members to serve children's needs during the COVID-19 crisis, the launch of a unique European/ Kids Friendship campaign, several strategic workshops, surveys and reports to help our Members to stand out from the competition, and our collection of successful PSM children and youth cases.

EBU's Young Audiences community drives this mission with tailor-made workshops and private meets, often coinciding with industry events. Subscribe to the EBU Young Audiences newsletter to keep your finger on the pulse.

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