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Intelligence artificielle

L'intelligence artificielle (IA) et les données sont des thèmes centraux pour les médias de service public (MSP) aujourd'hui, en particulier lorsqu'il s'agit de renforcer et de personnaliser les relations avec ses citoyens.

Welcome to the EBU's hub on artificial intelligence (AI). AI is emerging as a powerful tool for strengthening relationships between public service media (PSM) and its citizens.

From technological development to content creation, distribution, ethics, education, legal regulations and advocacy, we work towards helping our Members leverage the opportunities of AI and data. The EBU is committed to supporting its Members in collectively tackling the burning questions surrounding AI, by offering a comprehensive array of resources, learning opportunities, as well as groups, projects and events. 

Our activities focus on these 4 strands:

  • Strategy and Transformation: Develop a strategy that helps your organization transform and  benefit from this emerging technology
  • Values and Ethics: Ensure that audiences' trust and PSM values are safeguarded 
  • Regulation, Policy & Advocacy: Work together to make sure AI regulation at national and international levels are good for PSM
  • Content, Production and Distribution: Share knowledge, improve workflows and collaboratively test new AI solutions

Join us in shaping the future of broadcasting through AI innovation. Elevate content, engage audiences, and lead with EBU's AI expertise.

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The EBU's AI and Data group provides a cross-disciplinary exploration of opportunities and challenges for Members and by Members. You can join the group for regular community discussions, quarterly micro-workshops, and educational opportunities. The community offers opportunities to share knowledge and best practice, integrate efforts and collaboratively identify needs and priorities. 

For specific topics and activities regarding technical development, regulation and more, find the appropriate expert groups to benefit from the support and knowledge sharing of your peers. 

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Découvrez comment des stratégies d'IA bien adaptées peuvent aider les MSP de différentes manières, notamment en comprenant les audiences multiplateformes, en créant un journalisme de données puissant, en améliorant l'expérience du public, en stimulant la création de contenu via une production éditoriale basée sur les données, en rationalisant les processus commerciaux et en identifiant de nouveaux produits à offrir.



Jean Philip De Tender

AI Lead

Directeur général adjoint, Directeur du Département Médias

Madiana Asseraf-Jacob

AI Strategy

Head of Corporate Development and Strategic Initiatives

Lalya Gaye

AI Strategy and AI Ethics

Coordonnatrice de l’initiative IA et Données

Justyna Kurczabinska

AI Ethics

Head of News Strategy and Transformation

François Lavoir

AI Regulation

Conseiller aux affaires européennes

Anne-Catherine Berg

AI Regulation

Déléguée à la protection des données et Juriste senior

Hans Hoffmann

Production & Distribution

Manager principal

Wouter Quartier

AI Content

Senior Manager Digital, Transformation and Platforms, EBU