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The EBU's AI Ethics Group gathers the Memberships' lead experts in AI ethics. We meet monthly to discuss ethical dilemmas surrounding the use of AI in public service media, share guidelines and principles, as well as develop practical brainstorming tools for Member organizations and a common EBU stand on this question.

Guidelines Repository

  • Machine Learning Engine Principles - BBC Membres seulement
  • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Our AI Ethics Guidelines - BR
  • What is Deutsche Welle's approach to generative AI? - Deutsche Welle
  • MédIAs Nouvelle génération - France Télévisions Membres seulement
  • NRK Guidelines for Editorial Use of Artificial Intelligence - NRK Membres seulement
  • Charter on the usage of AI in editorial content production at RTS - RTS Membres seulement
  • How to regulate the (right) use of AI in the media - RTVE Membres seulement
  • SVT AI policy and recommendations - SVT Membres seulement
  • Journalism & AI - A ChatGPT FAQ - Yle Membres seulement
  • Yle's principles for the responsible use of AI - Yle
  • Guiding priniciples for the use of Generative AI - ZDF Membres seulement

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