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Why does it matter?

Public service media (PSM) have always excelled in creating and curating meaningful stories, enriching the lives of its audiences. Like so many other industries, artificial intelligence (AI) is having a profound impact on this - from enhancing newsroom content to increasing productivity.

Particularly now with generative AI, once philosophical questions are becoming real concerns. Can a machine, fuelled by past data, achieve the same level of creativity? Can it help navigate our rich human culture, values, and ethics? And how much trust can we place in a machine?

The EBU is here to explore with you the opportunities and threats posed by AI. As PSM, we remain committed to responsible innovation and to creating a trustworthy AI environment that delivers the best outcomes for all our audiences.

What are we doing?

Our aim is to provide you with valuable insights and the most cutting-edge research and tools so you can quickly adapt to new developments.

Through our research, case studies, video talks and technical publications, we offer a comprehensive view of how our Members are currently using AI to enhance workflows, understand audiences better, improve accessibility and create more personalized experiences.

Since 2016, we have offered a number of AI and data products, such as EuroVOX, PEACH and NEO, to improve customer journeys.

We also identify and work together to mitigate potential risks through legislation at European and national level, and establish an overall position on how its use resonates with the values and ethics of public service broadcasters.

On this page, you will find a wide range of resources, news, events and training courses. Or sign up for one of our Member groups to take an even deeper look. 



Download reports and research, or watch video talks that help you tackle the most pressing matters, including understanding cross-platform audiences, debating ethical dilemmas, supporting journalism, personalizing audience experiences, producing content, driving editorial decisions through data, streamlining workflows, and identifying new products to offer.



Artificial Intelligence - Public Service Media Leveraging AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of the public debate. With the impact of AI set to become so great, the Media Intelligence Service (MIS) has produced this report to provide clearer insights into how PSM organizations are grappling with the fast-growing AI market. So far, PSMs have been quick to respond to advances in Generative AI, with 76% having updated their business strategy since the release of ChatGPT. Find out who the main players are, the challenges ahead, and the AI state of play in PSM organizations. You can take a closer look at AI usage for PSM, specifically strategy, level of usage, ethics, staff and budget dedicated...

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Generative AI, News and Audiences: A need-to-know-now briefing for public service media

The recent acceleration in the capabilities and availability of generative AI tools means they're likely to have a significant impact on the production and distribution of news content. The EBU has created a cross-departmental and cross-committee task force to study the topic. Initiated by the News and Digital committees, and coordinated by the AI and Data Initiative (AIDI), the EBU Task Force on Generative AI consists of representatives from the News Committee, Digital Committee and Technical Committee, together with the departments of Technology & Innovation, News, Media, and Legal & Policy, as well as expert members. Together, the EBU Task...

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Jean Philip De Tender

Deputy Director General, Director of Media

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AI Strategy

Madiana Asseraf-Jacob

Head of Corporate Development and Strategic Initiatives

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AI Strategy and Ethics

Lalya Gaye

AI and Data Initiative Coordinator, EBU Lead for vera.ai project

AI Ethics and News

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Head of News Strategy and Transformation

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AI Regulation

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Senior EU Policy Adviser

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Head of Software Engineering

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