Stay informed about what's going on at the EBU and across our member community. EBU Update is our general newsletter that brings you the top news, events, guides, programming and more from Europe's public service media. This newsletter is sent out monthly.

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Big Data Initiative

Big Data represents a tremendous opportunity to drive the transformation of public service media in Europe and strengthen its relationship with today’s audiences. This EBU Members’ newsletter provides updates every 6 weeks on our Big Data Initiative, which brings together experts on audience measurement, media content, recommendation systems and proven data strategies. Sign up to hear the about our latest developments.

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Digital Transformation Initiative

For public service media, digital transformation means adopting processes and practices that ensure they can compete, thrive and survive in a digitized world. The Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) helps Members understand and respond to these challenges. Our newsletter keeps you updated about our work alongside industry trends, expert insights and best practices. You can also connect with our community of experts and stay informed about DTI events.

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Learning is the key to success. The EBU Academy is our professional educational center. Our courses are based on the operational realities that EBU Members face every day. They are designed to boost the skills of all media professionals, from the journalists in the field to the top executives. Sign up and be the first to hear about our training courses.

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Media Update

Our monthly newsletter showcases the activities of EBU Media department which serves our Member community with content exchanges, co-productions, trainings, strategic support and more. It shares highlights from the previous month and looks forward to future activities.

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What happens in Brussels does not stay in Brussels. More often than not, new EU laws mean game-changing rules for the whole of Europe including for the media and audiovisual sector. Subscribe to Euro-Info for regular updates on EU policies that matter to EBU Members. And learn more about our Legal & Policy monitoring services.

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Keep up-to-date with the latest news from our Media Intelligence Service. Our market data and analysis covers a broad range of topics affecting public service media, including TV and radio trends, new media developments, market structure and concentration, funding and public policy issues.

Subscribers will also receive an alert whenever we publish a new study.

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Music Group Update

Our newsletter is music to the ears (and eyes) of EBU Radio Members, Associates and Approved Participants. In a few concise paragraphs, see everything you need to know about upcoming meetings and events organized by the Music Group, as well as interesting tidbits about music events and personalities in Members’ countries.

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Receive the most important media-industry news directly in your inbox - articles covering regulatory, legal, economic, political and technology issues. We constantly monitor hundreds of sources on all European media stakeholders - including public and commercial broadcasters, related industries, civil society, think tanks, research institutes, sports agencies and federations, policymakers and more. You can also access our searchable News2Know database.

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Discover best practices and methodologies to assess and communicate the societal impact of public service media (PSM). Stay up to date with the EBU’s PSM Contribution to Society project, which explores the mindset, tools and actions needed for EBU Members to develop a new narrative about their impact and eventually renew their corporate strategy, focusing on delivering value for society.

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Technology & Innovation

Our Technology & Innovation team are leaders in broadcast standards and production technologies. Stay up to date with all the news, events, groups and publications coming from tech.ebu.ch.

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