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Our Member Relations team provides support to all EBU Members, Associates and Approved Participants. We recognise the specific features and needs of each Member and collaborate with you and colleagues across the EBU to deliver the most relevant and effective support.

Our Partnership Programme also enables us to support Members in need and reflects the spirit of solidarity that runs through our union.

Please reach out to your Member Relations contact below to discuss how the EBU can serve you better.


Michelle Roverelli
Director of Member Relations and Communications

Austria | Germany | Ireland | United Kingdom | Switzerland

+41 79 647 17 24

Radka Betcheva
Head of Member Relations Central and Eastern Europe

Albania | Armenia | Azerbaijan | Bosnia-Herzegovina | Bulgaria | Croatia | Estonia | Georgia | Hungary | Latvia | Lithuania | Moldova | Montenegro | Poland | North Macedonia | Romania | Serbia | Slovakia | Slovenia | Czech Republic | Ukraine | Kosovo

Bangladesh | Georgia | Kazakhstan

+41 79 545 05 01

Beatriz Pastor y Puga
Head of Member Relations South

Algeria | Andorra | Cyprus | Egypt | France | Greece | Israel | Italy | Jordan | Lebanon | Libya | Luxemburg | Malta | Monaco | Marino | Morocco | Portugal | Spain | Tunisia | Türkiye | Vatican

Brazil | Chile | Cuba | Iran | Malaysia | Mauritius | Oman | Syria

+41 79 744 93 99

Marie-Soleil Levery
Head of Member Relations Nordics, Belgium and Netherlands

Belgium | Denmark | Finland | Iceland | Norway | Netherlands | Sweden

Australia | Canada | China | Hong Kong | Japan | Republic of Korea | Nepal | New Zealand | United States

+41 79 545 05 71

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Radio: the trusted guide in a changing world

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Partnership Programme

The EBU’s Partnership Programme reflects the core principle of solidarity that underpins our association. In boosting collaboration, strengthening support and enabling all Members to benefit from the EBU’s activities, it reinforces our unique community of public service media organizations.

We support eligible Members with:

  • Access to hundreds of hours of high-quality European programmes made available by fellow EBU Members
  • In-depth consultancies on strategy development
  • Training through the EBU Academy
  • Legal and technical advice from EBU experts
  • Representation of the Member’s political and financial interests at the highest government levels.

The Partnership Programme is a clearly identified fund from the EBU’s earmarked reserve that drives an action plan for eligible Members. It complements other solidarity initiatives across the EBU, including European Commission-funded programmes and EBU Academy Regional Hubs.


The Partnership Programme is intended primarily to serve EBU Members with limited financial resources or challenging political circumstances. Depending on the type of services provided, activities can be fully or partially funded. We assess eligible Members using several indicators that include:

  • World Bank statistics
  • EBU membership fee units paid
  • A Member’s operating expenditure as a proportion of national GDP

As Member circumstances can change more rapidly than official available data, we also consider cases on a discretionary basis.


Contact detail

Radka Betcheva
Head of Member Relations Central and Eastern Europe

+41 22 717 2006