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Podcast listening is growing, and public service media are ideally positioned to take advantage of this trend. EBU Members are at the forefront of podcast production and distribution, creating quality audio programming that is made available through both their own and third-party platforms.

We provide a range of opportunities for the EBU podcasting community to share and learn from each other. The annual EBU Podcast Forum showcases the most innovative productions from the past year, selected from the responses to an open Call for Podcast Formats. And our EBU Podcast Group holds regular meetings to discuss and exchange on practical aspects of podcasting.

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Call for formats

The EBU Call for Podcast Formats is an annual initiative to collect new, innovative and successful podcasts from across the membership. Issued by our Radio Unit, the call is designed to support the exchange of audio formats and facilitate knowledge sharing among Members.



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Head of Radio
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Julien Hamou
Project Manager

Podcast Forum


Each year, our Podcast Forum brings together senior podcast producers to explore the potential of sharing successful formats across the EBU radio membership. We also take a deeper dive into topics related to podcast development and storytelling. Through focus discussions and pitching sessions, participants have the opportunity to learn about innovative programs, exchange knowledge and practices, and collaborate with each other!

EBU Members can also join our Podcast Group to discuss content and distribution strategies; structure, editorial, technical, and legal aspects of podcasting; as well as format adaptation and collaboration.