Our Legal and Policy team work towards securing the best possible European regulatory framework to help our Members fulfil their public service remit and contribute to the democratic, social and cultural needs of society.

Working together through the EBU enables Members to represent the interests of public service media with a single voice on the international stage.

We advise Members on specific regulatory issues on a daily basis, offering practical and tailored solutions in the fields of EU and national competition, copyright and media law.

We also manage important EU transversal projects in the interests of our Members and oversee EBU membership, legal governance and statutory matters, whilst advising on all EBU contracts, including the Eurovision Song Contest, sports, news and networks.

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Latest News

02 JUNE 2020

The EU’s Digital Services Act: how the EBU will fly the flag for Public Service Media

The European Commission has launched a public consultation of the Digital Services Act package and the...

28 APRIL 2020

EBU makes recommendations for reform of competition law.

The EBU’s latest position paper addresses the ongoing process of reform of competition law. At a time...

07 APRIL 2020

MediaRoad project receives an excellent assessment

We are delighted that the EBU-coordinated MediaRoad project has received an extremely positive final...

Policy and Positions

We define our policy positions together with our Members, and in consultation with the Legal and Policy Committee.

In doing so, EBU experts analyse EU proposals and explore the implications of legislation and policies, advocating frameworks and solutions in the best interest of our Members’ PSM services.

On this page are detailed EBU positions for the different policies that impact our interests. We have also developed a two-page summary of our Policy Priorities for the European Commission mandate of 2019 - 2024. 

 5G and Media
Key Principles for Guaranteed Access to Public Service Content

 Audiovisual Media Services Directive
Key principles for a safe, pluralistic and open audiovisual media landscape

 Competition and Funding
Freedom to innovate in a rapidly changing digital landscape

 Copyright and Licensing
Developing effective licensing solutions for the digital environment

 Data & Privacy
Ensuring the right balance between offering innovative digital services and protecting individuals’ privacy rights and freedoms.

 Media Freedom and Pluralism
Protecting the independence and diversity of media in Europe

 Online Platforms
Uphold trusted and high-quality services online and enable citizens to access and find public service media online

 Open Internet
Giving audiences unfettered, non-discriminatory and transparent access to online content

Choice and quality for Digital Terrestrial Television audiences

 Telecoms Package
Reflecting the importance of electronic communication networks for media pluralism and diversity

Protecting the European audiovisual model and cultural diversity


 Contract toolkit Members only
A selection of sample agreements and model clauses to support our Members' Legal Advisers

 Position papers
Influencing media policy makers at a national or European level. Representing and defending the interests of the EBU and Members

 Tailored legal advice for Members Members only
We provide expert legal advice on day-to-day matters such as PSM governance and media law, intellectual property and rights agreements, commercial and sports contracts, and specific EU competition law issues, including mergers and State aid. Please contact burnley@ebu.ch.

 Legal & Policy Assembly documents Members only
Access all working documents and conclusions since 1999

 Legal Case Notes
Analysis of recent decisions impacting public service media

 Reference texts
A selection of key directives, recommendations and declarations from the EU and the Council of Europe, and other major European and international texts relating to media law

 EU Funding Opportunities Members only
Funding opportunities from the European Union for media projects and partnerships

Featured publications

18 DECEMBER 2017

Public Funding Principles for PSM

The EBU has published Public Funding Principles for Public Service Media (PSM). Coming at a critical...

30 MARCH 2015

Governance Principles for PSM

Good governance of public service media, serving the interests of society as a whole, is actively supported...

19 DECEMBER 2017

PSM Remit Principles for the Digital Media Age

The EBU's Legal Focus on PSM Remit Principles for the Digital Media Age deals with the critical question...

10 MARCH 2016

Copyright Handbook Members Only

With its new Copyright Handbook, the EBU provides its Members with a reference tool addressing the main...