Eurovision News offers editorial and broadcast services to EBU Members, Associated Members, Approved Participants and Sublicensees. It is a unique network, founded by European public service media newsrooms, which today operates in more than 50 countries. 

Its core activity, the News Exchange allows the sharing between Members of live and edited news actualities; provides global coverage through access to third-party content; includes verification and clearance of social media content; enables digital news recommendation and monitoring tools; and provides an exchange of podcasts and audio-only material. 

In the field, Eurovision News Events offers broadcast facilities and exclusive content, as well as local and global content distribution.

Eurovision News is also a community, bringing together journalists and newsroom leaders from across the Membership to promote and share best practices in the face of common challenges.  

A summary of the biggest news stories of 2021-2022 illustrated using quality content exchange by Members or verified by Eurovision News

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News Exchange

We draw on the newsgathering resources of more than 70 EBU Members, sublicensees and media partners worldwide, as well as our own News Events team and international organizations. Moreover, we clear eyewitness media to provide our Members with a rich source of news and sports news footage from around the world.

We ensure your newsroom always has access to a rich diversity of news items - around 120 every day - provided by trustworthy, reliable sources. And just as importantly, newsrooms have the opportunity to develop strong relationships with each other to share knowledge and content.

Eurovision News Exchange



Sports News Exchange


The Sports News Exchange is a core source of sports news stories for our Members. This includes news on sporting events and coverage of everything from doping and bribery scandals to major press conferences. Stories are provided by Members, independent production houses and federations. There is also content produced by our Eurovision Sports News team.

Social Newswire

The Eurovision Social Newswire helps our Members to harness the power of reliable eyewitness media for their platforms by discovering, verifying and clearing content obtained from social media. The network provides a collaborative workspace for over 1,000 EBU and Member journalists, with 50+ items being cleared every day.

Membership of the Eurovision Social Newswire is open to EBU Members and News Exchange sublicensees only.


News Events



Our highly experienced, dedicated News Events team provides a range of high quality, cost-effective services for your breaking news and planned events coverage. We offer on location stand-ups, playouts, workspaces, live pool distribution, live-streaming, crews and editing, studio hire, circuits, bespoke services and more.

Discover our new Eiger Studio at EBU headquarters in Geneva, and get in touch for bookings.


Book events at eurovision.net/events/news
T +41 22 717 2840
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Radio News

Our Radio News team offers pre-event co-ordination, on-site facilities and technical assistance during major news events. Through our network of Members and Associates, we can provide studios and transmission facilities across the world, and solutions that fit your specific needs and budget.

Our new audio exchange platform offers Members a place share radio-specific content including interviews, documentaries, podcasts and other long-format audio. We also continue to offer comprehensive audio coverage at news events. Login to the EBU audio platform at https://audio.ebu.ch.

Book events at eurovision.net/events/news
Download content from https://audio.ebu.ch/#/news/all
T +41 22 717 2658



Kids News



The Kids News community is an active network of children’s news programmes around Europe and beyond. More than 20 programmes from our Members and sublicensees are apart of this community. Participants share content, strategic knowledge and best practice on how to best reach children aged 8-12. Children's news programmes cover news and current affairs to empower children with knowledge, through broadcast, digital platforms and/or social media.

More about the community on the Kids News Group page
More programme info on the expert group page
Daily outlooks on the Eurovision News Exchange Forum